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For more than three decades, Miles Data has provided customers in a wide variety of industries with optimized labeling solutions. We partner with Zebra Technologies, which has developed a selection of more than 300 high-quality supplies that are tested to high standards and deliver consistent results. Zebra also has access to thousands more supplies options through its network of suppliers. Leveraging Zebra Technologies’ resources as well as our decades of experience in the industry, Miles Data can help you find the perfect labeling solution for your industry, your application and your environment.

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Electronic or powered equipment that requires UL/cUL certification must be labeled with an approved system under the Marking and Labeling Systems program. Zebra Technologies offers one of the largest selections of labels and supplies accepted by UL/cUL.

Labels are also critical for electronic components. Labels for printed circuit boards need to withstand the high heat and harsh chemicals used in the PCB manufacturing process and must often have antistatic properties.

For more information for suggested labeling materials for this application, download our Electrical and Electronics Supply Selection Guide.

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A label with a Unique Device Identifier (UDI) is required for all levels of medical device packaging and the device itself if it could be used more than once. UDI device labels may need to be UL/cUL compliant depending on the medical device, and UDI device labels must meet UL standards and be able to withstand extreme environments such as sterilization and harsh hospital cleaning agents.

For more information for suggested labeling materials for this application, download our Unique Device Identification (UDI) Labeling Supply Selection Guide.

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Labels intended for outdoor use, such as utility or equipment marking and lumber and wire tagging, must be resistant to damage from water, oil, and chemicals and stay readable even after exposure to bright sunlight, heat, and freezing cold. When printing with a direct thermal mobile printer for outdoor applications, use Zebra’s Thermalock solution, a long-lasting, high-performance polypropylene label that is fade and heat resistant and tested to last outdoors for up to 18 months.

For more information, download Genuine Zebra Supplies for Outdoor Labeling and the Thermalock 4000D data sheet.

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Choose labels designed specifically so label material and adhesives won’t fail in sub-zero temperatures.  Also consider whether the label will be used in dry environments or where condensation and moisture when items are transferred could be an issue.

For more information for suggested labeling materials for this application, download our Freezer Labeling Supply Selection Guide.

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Tamper-evident product labels and security labels are used to reveal tampering of closed packaging or access points. Solutions range from those that leave an adhesive pattern showing that the label seal has been broken to labels made of destructible material, such as Zebra’s Z-Destruct products, that break into small pieces if there is an attempt to remove the label.

For more information for suggested labeling materials for this application, download our Security and Tamper-Evident Labeling Supply Selection Guide

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Zebra Technologies offers a wide range of shipping solutions. In addition to shipping labels that stay readable from point A to point B regardless of conditions, Zebra also offers innovative products such as the all-in-one, one-step, Z-Slip Packing List Solution, and IQ Color that enables you to print color labels and add visual cues to assist with sorting in the distribution center or prioritization for shipping.

For more information, download the Z Slip Fact Sheet, the Zebra IQ Color data sheet and Zebra’s Transportation and Logistics Supplies brochure.


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Proper labeling such as lab vial labeling, patient wristbands and pharmaceutical dispensing is critical to hospital and healthcare processes.  Labeling solutions such as Zebra Technologies’ IQ Color enable you to add color cues that help prioritize lab, specimen, and pharmacy labels.

For more information for suggested labeling materials for this application, Healthcare Labeling Supply Selection Guide.

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