Zebra VC80: Freezer-Ready for the Coldest Supply Chain

Full Windows Support and Real Desktop Power for Your Material Handling Vehicles

Today, more enterprises want to use full WMS clients designed for desktop Windows in their warehouse environments. The Zebra VC80 expands Zebra’s rugged vehicle computer portfolio to full Windows, supporting Windows Embedded Standard 7 or Windows 7 Professional, and is Windows 10 ready. With a complete portfolio that includes both Windows CE and full Windows, you can choose the vehicle computer that’s right for their technology strategy and applications.

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Built for Harsh Environments, Temperature Extremes

With its rugged yet compact design, the Zebra VC80 thrives in the toughest indoor and outdoor environments — and fits in even the most space constrained vehicles. Freezer ready for the coldest supply chain, the VC80 is the only full Windows vehicle computer on the market with dedicated features for freezer condensing environments. A heated screen, heated boards and heated UPS battery enable continuous operations in freezer environments. And inside and outside temperature sensors identify and intelligently react to condensing circumstances.

Zebra VC80 Product Features

  • The Zebra VC80 is the only full Windows vehicle computer with dedicated features for freezer condensing environments
  • A 10-second quick release mount makes it easy to move the VC80 to another vehicle during vehicle maintenance or device repair
  • Since the touchscreen — the most frequently damaged component — is field replaceable, trips to the service depot are eliminated, increasing device availability and lowering TCO
  • Programmable macro keys simplify complex ERP and WMS operations with six direct and six soft programmable keys
  • Ultra high bright (1000 nits) display option for a super bright screen that is easy to see outdoors

Zebra VC80

Consider Vehicle Mount Computers

If your supply chain operation experiences a lag time in data entry, consider vehicle mount computers. Vehicle mount computers keep workers connected, enabling them to enter information as it happens and to maintain access to business applications such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) and warehouse management systems (WMS). Vehicle mount computers’ rugged construction enables them to keep operating in harsh environments and when exposed to bumps or vibrations. They are also designed to facilitate maintenance and repair and to be easily moved from one vehicle to another.

Talk with a member of Miles Data’s team to learn how the Zebra VC80 can benefit your business. Talk with a member of Miles Data’s team to learn how the Zebra VC80 can benefit your business.

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