Zebra FX9500: Hardworking, Efficient, Extremely Durable Design

Delivering High-Performance RFID Data Capture for Industrial Environments

The Zebra FX9500 offers exceptional high RF sensitivity and delivers extremely high-read performance, so you can quickly and accurately move and track large volumes of your RFID-tagged cases, pallets and items. Greater accuracy means more efficient operations in RF-challenging environments and with RF-challenging materials, such as those with a high metal or liquid content. The higher sensitivity also means longer read ranges for large distribution center and yard management applications, and higher throughput rates for high-volume reading and densely packed goods situations.

Cost-Saving and Reliable

The FX9500 comes in a 4-port model, as well as an 8-port model; the latter lets you cover more dock door portals or read points with fewer readers so you save on deployment costs and achieve a lower cost per read point. Each configuration is also able to perform in either monostatic or bistatic mode (where one or two cables are used respectively for transmit and receive signals), giving you complete control to optimize your application. That means increased efficiency and accuracy every time your inventory is touched, from receiving to pick/pack/ship.

Zebra FX9500 Product Features

  • Small footprint with all cables on one side for compact design
  • Ideal for high-volume, high-density, high-throughput applications
  • IP53 sealing, die cast housing
  • Application flexibility and deployment costs

Zebra FX9500

zebra_fx9500 from miles data

When to Consider Fixed RFID Readers

Fixed RFID readers enable you to read a high volume of data as objects pass by a fixed point, for example, collecting data from items in boxes as they pass through loading dock doors or from items moving by on a conveyor. As a part of your RFID solution, a fixed RFID reader allows you to automate data collection, which can lower labor costs and provide accurate, real-time data. Fixed readers feature connectivity, power, and mounting options so you can use them virtually anywhere in your operation. Their rugged design makes them resistant to damage from water, dust, varying temperatures, and bumps from passing parcels.

Miles Data can explain the benefits of deploying Zebra FX9500 fixed RFID readers in your operation.

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