Zebra Go Mobile Trade-in Program

Register for a Zebra Go Mobile Rebate through Miles Data

To stay competitive, you need to maximize productivity, but also control costs. Zebra Technologies offers the Zebra Go Mobile rebate to help businesses upgrade to the technology they need. Customers who purchase eligible Zebra mobile devices or wireless networking solutions through Miles Data can register for rebates up to $300 per device when they trade in qualifying retired mobile computers.

This program gives you an option retiring devices, which will be properly recycled, that defrays the cost of replacing them with next-gen solutions to keep up with the changing demands of your business and your industry.

Miles Data’s team can help you determine if you qualify and provide the information you need to receive your rebate from Zebra.

Customer Rebate Site

Customers can visit zebra.com/gomobile to get rebate details, submit a rebate claim and check rebate status.


Eligible Products for Purchase Trade-In Rebate
Mobile Computers
VC80 $300
MC9200 (Windows CE/Windows Mobile) $150
MC9200 (Android) $250
MC9500-K $200
Omni™ XT15 $200
MC3200 (Windows CE) $100
MC3200 (Android) $200
Workabout Pro 4 $150
MC67 $100
VH10 $100
TC70 $75
TC55 $50
MC2100 $50

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