Apex Axcess Automated Locker System

Asset Management Solutions for DC/Warehouse

Real-Time, Optimized Asset Management

Distribution centers utilize handheld scanners, radios, mobile printers, and other devices that represent tens of thousands of dollars in capital investments, but they’re rarely secured and tracked. In order to better manage these assets and provider greater accountability, managers are looking for ways to both monitor when these items are used and identify who used them. The Axcess Automated Locker System from Apex is a flexible solution that can be tailored to fit the needs of any organization and a wide variety of asset types, helping you avoid the seven deadly sins of asset management.

Case Study: Focused on Growth, Casey’s General Store Slashes Costs, Increased Productivity

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Visibility, Accountability for Mobile Technology Assets

Apex Axcess Automated Locker Systems provides secure, 24/7 visibility and accountability for company-owned devices and consumables. Axcess Automated Locker Systems support a wide range of user ID methods, including barcode, magnetic stripe, proximity cards, or keypad entry, so there is an accurate record of employees who used the items. Axcess also facilitates evaluating the condition of items at check-in, so IT can promptly be notified when a device needs attention.

Features and Benefits of Apex Axcess Automated Locker Systems

  • Flexible, Configurable Asset Storage and Management
  • A variety of locker sizes and configurations allows for control of different types of warehouse assets
  • Trajectory Cloud solution tracks each device transaction in real time
  • Apex Connect n’ Go technology provides fast network connections
  • Reduced equipment loss and theft
  • Productivity is improved because employees don’t waste time searching for assets
  • Fewer unnecessary capital purchases through better asset optimization
  • Optional wired compartments for recharging upon check-in

Asset Visibility = Improved Performance

When it’s time to consider an asset management solution, physical control and complete visibility are paramount. A lack of real-time access to asset information can erode productivity, increase capital expenditures, and reduce the effectiveness of your mobile technology. The Apex Axcess Automated Locker System provides reliable asset control, employee accountability, and asset monitoring that will allow warehouse/DC managers to spend less time accounting for their equipment, and more time optimizing their operations.

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