Application Streaming

Optimize Performance and User Experience on Mobile Devices

Times change, and so does technology. Terminal emulation (TE) has made desktop functionality portable on mobile devices. Today’s TE software can replace legacy software that displayed data with “green screens.” The new intuitive touchscreens are easier to use and make it easier to train new employees.

Traditional web browsers designed for use on desktops do not transfer well to mobile devices. Besides having to adapt to a smaller screen, they tend to have slow loading and response times. Industrial web browsers designed specifically for mobile operating systems make more efficient use of time and screen space, and lock in your business application without displaying navigation, so users can’t switch to other websites or applications. They help your employees efficieintly access data anytime, anywhere.

Maximize Efficiency with Touchscreens

Upgrading your green screen programs and mobile browsers can make a huge difference in performance. Today’s TE programs use touch screens instead of keypads. Processes that once required multiple keystrokes and menu shifts can now be done with a few easy taps. Speed is increased, and the potential for errors is decreased. Today’s workers appreciate the intuitive interface and require less training time. The browsers eliminate unnecessary navigation bars, which makes the best use of screen space and provides lockdown capability, preventing employees from switching to non-work-related websites or programs.


Wavelink Terminal Emulation (TE) is the industry leading emulation client and is in use on more than 3 million mobile devices worldwide, including many Fortune 500 companies. Wavelink TE is the most comprehensive solution for accessing, managing and maintaining connections to applications resident on host systems using popular emulation types.


VelocityCE is an enterprise browser built specifically for mobile operating systems. It is compatible with all leading supply chain management software, so you won’t have to modify your host application, and you can incorporate barcode scanning, RFID, and other data-capture technologies easily without specialized coding knowledge.


Zebra Enterprise Browser

This browser has a mobile application development tool that enables the building of apps for mobile computers, tablets, vehicle-mounted devices, wearables, and kiosks, as well as their peripherals. It’s “write once, run anywhere” functionality allows you to use the same application on different devices and operating systems.


Zebra All-Touch Terminal Emulation

Powered by Wavelink’s Velocity engine, this software will automatically convert green screen applications into HTML5 graphics-based apps for touch screens on Android mobile devices. Editing tools make it easy to customize layouts or keyboards and to add elements.

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