Ivanti (Powered by Wavelink) VelocityCE Browser

Performance Paired with Security

Don’t let a slow-performing web browser limit the productivity of your mobile workers. Ivanti (powered by Wavelink) VelocityCE is an enterprise browser built specifically for mobile operating systems. It has a wide range of features to improve productivity, speed, and performance, which it pairs with security features. Administrators can lock out unauthorized applications so workers use only the applications necessary for their jobs — and cannot use those that would decrease productivity or possibly open a pathway for malware into enterprise systems and data.

Two mobile devices showing the difference when running Ivanti VelocityCE browser versus Internet Explorer Browser. VelocityCE offers advantages to your ITS Mobile deployment over other browsers, including optimizing all screen real estate as shown in this photo comparison.

Flexible and Easy to Use

There is no need to modify your host application — VelocityCE is compatible with leading supply chain management (SCM) software. Moreover, it’s easy to integrate data capture technologies such as barcode scanning or RFID, no specialized coding knowledge is needed.

Device-specific clients work with all the features of your chosen mobile device
Session persistence: workers can resume where they left off following an interruption, and can toggle between sessions when multitasking.

  • Fast rendering for applications so workers won’t face delays waiting for screen presentation
  • Ensure productivity with lockdown capability. Keep your workers focused on the task at hand by preventing access to undesired applications. Hide web addresses as well as navigation and start bars.
  • Implement functionality that allows workers to do more: Enhance the user interface and improve application formatting of host applications with CSS injections or use JavaScript injections to extend the capabilities of the mobile app.
  • Start right where you left off Workers don’t have to re-start applications or re-enter data when a mobile device shuts off, loses connectivity, or even loses battery power. VelocityCE enables session persistence that brings workers right to where they can resume their work, and allows them to toggle between sessions.
  • Multisession support so users don’t need to switch between applications.

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