Zebra All-Touch Terminal Emulation

Zebra All-Touch Terminal Emulation is a comprehensive solution designed for today’s mobile worker.
Powered by Wavelink, this software automatically converts green screen applications to HTML5 graphics-based apps — without coding — that workers can use on Android mobile devices. Using highly graphical, consumer-like apps throughout your enterprise will provide workers with a more familiar and consistent user experience that can result in increased productivity, accuracy, efficiency, as well as reduced training time.

Easy to Deploy

Zebra All-Touch Terminal Emulation is a client-side application for use on Android mobile devices; no infrastructure changes are necessary for deployment. Powering an Zebra Android device loaded with Zebra All-Touch Emulation immediately converts the green screen to graphics-based touchscreens. From there, you can then modify the layout with the solution’s editing tools.

The Professional Services team at Miles Data can further optimize the All-Touch Emulation software to improve worker productivity by reformatting screens, customizing keyboards, applying themes for a consistent graphic look and feel, and defining fonts, font colors, button sizes and colors and background colors.

You also have the capability to choose navigation and data entry style. Touchscreen navigation can include gesture controls including pinch to zoom and panning. You can also provide a soft keyboard — standard alpha, numeric, alpha numeric, or custom — and you can use a hard keypad integrated into the mobile device.

The Benefits of Zebra All-touch Terminal Emulation

  • Fast and efficient architecture outperforms traditional browsers designed for wired devices
  • Users get faster refresh rates and snappier performance
  • Sessions remain active even if the devices loses wireless connectivity
  • Touchscreen-based software can be used on devices with or without a keyboard
  • Contextual design enables workers to complete tasks with fewer clicks
  • Functions are converted to intuitive icons
  • Information hierarchy automatically places information in main heading, footer, or body for improved readability
  • Define fonts, colors, button sizes, in style sheets that can be applied to all screens
  • Control over screen size and screen rotation on a screen-by-screen basis
  • Support for multiple sessions

TC8000 All Touch TE Video

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