Zebra Enterprise Browser

Zebra Enterprise Browser is a next-generation browser that enables you to easily create new applications or to migrate web-based PocketBrowser applications to new Zebra mobile computers and peripherals. The OS-agnostic applications you create can help protect your application investments, as well as provide workers with graphical, intuitive user interfaces that can help them be more productive, work more efficiently, and minimize errors.

Zebra Enterprise Browser

Easily Create Cross-Platform Enterprise Mobile Applications

The Zebra Enterprise Browser allows you to quickly launch and deploy enterprise mobile apps by using common application programming interfaces (APIs). This app development tool is based on open source standards such as HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript — not proprietary technologies. It has true “write once, run anywhere” capability: You can create one application that can run on different devices and operating systems, including Windows CE, Windows Mobile, Windows Embedded Handheld, and Android.

Thin client architecture makes device and application deployment easy, and “zero-touch” updates ensure all workers are using the same version of the application.

Zebra Enterprise Browser Features

  • Create business apps that look and feel like consumer apps
  • Utilize barcode scanning, RFID, printing, signature capture, and any other available device capabilities
  • Automatic screen resizing and full-screen display
  • Operating system lock out allows you to hide access to web browsing and games, simplifies the user interface, and limits unauthorized changes to devices settings
  • Easy access to logging information for troubleshooting and reducing support costs
  • Compatible with RhoElements JavaScript APIs

Zebra Enterprise Browser Supported Devices

  • Mobile computers: Zebra TC55, ES400, ET1, MC21xx, MC30xx, MC31xx, MC32xx, WinCE, MC40, MC45, MC55xx, MC65xx, MC67, MC70xx, MC75xx, MC90xx, MC91xx, MC92N0, and MC95xx
  • Vehicle mount computers: VC50xx, VC60xx, and VC70
  • Micro kiosks: MK30xx, MK31xx, and MK40xx
  • Wearables: WT40xx, and WT41xx

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