Custom Field Service Applications

Our Development teams work on both native Android and iOS platforms to create custom mobile application solutions for organizations that deploy resources in the field. These application form factors are specifically built to run on all the various devices we represent from Zebra, Honeywell and other hardware solutions.

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Let’s Develop Your Field Service Rep App Together

Miles Data engineers have years of experience building and supporting custom business process workflow apps for Field service personnel. From tracking locations, service work status, service labor, invoicing and e signatures for proof of completion.

Reasons for Field Service Rep Apps

  • 24/7 location tracking with history
  • Quick and accurate updates to project status
  • Access to analytical information from your ERP at their finger tips
  • Better communication with customers
  • Report analytics on warehouse operations
  • Collaboration with other reps on the field
  • Enforcement of processes and policies
  • Easy tracking of targets to be achieved
  • Produce faster responses to mission-critical problems
  • Eliminate paper-driven processes

Why should I Use a Infield Service Tech App?

Get Live Status Reports from the Field

It is often imperative to deliver information to your field reps on time and get updates from them so the business process does not wait for them to come back to the office.

Streamline and Simplify

By letting reps field use a mobile app instead of a computer in the office you avoid double entry, improve their efficiency, reduce travel time and reduce communication lag.

Gain Visibility in Real Time

An field app will collect information in real-time and generate alerts using pre-defined rules, this helps you find problems immediately and resolve them before they affect the business.

Increases Productivity

A custom field app lets the rep focus on the job at hand instead of communication, information about estimates, stock availability, geographically close pickups and other pertinent information is now available at their fingertips.

Automate Business Processes

Confusion about the next step can create productivity losses, an field app can be programmed to drive the field rep towards successful project completion. Each step can include training, support material, videos and technologies like augmented reality can assist them in doing their jobs effectively.

Zero Discrepancy

A correctly deployed field app will deliver on the promise of zero discrepancies, as all the data is entered and validated on the device before being pushed directly into your CRM or ERP the problems of data discrepancies will become a thing of the past.

Case Studies


Kaukauna Utilities

Kaukauna Utilities Solution has a native Android solution as well as browser based component to manage linesman work order Inventory utilization. Linesman issue “ call out “ or return inventories based on the work orders presented to them on the platform from an ERP system called Casselle . APIs were built between Kaukauna Utilities Caselle ERP and the new application to keep inventories 100 % accurate at all times. Improvements in Inventory outstocks and inventory carrying costs were realized quickly with the new platform.


Fast Exact

Fast Exact is a one stop solution for all your transportation and shipping requirements. The mobile app driving their business has consistently been the highest rated in the industry for Android and iPhone’s.

Starting from sign up and verification process truck drivers can join the platform to receive loads based on the type of truck they drive and their current location. The dedicated trucks for Expedited “Hot” shipment services are even more popular with customers that need immediate attention. Fast Exact processes thousands of orders every week with truckers based out of almost every US state.

Load Watcher

Load Watcher

Load Watcher offers a streamlined way to handle the entire freight process. With a wide assortment of features, the advanced software is a one-stop-shop for any user – from 3PLS, Direct shipper, Freight forwarders, Freight brokers to entire fleets.

Users can search for freight, check-in/out of a facility, upload POD & BOL instantly, and invoice all the appropriate paperwork that goes along with a shipment. The smart Watch Board gives dispatchers the ability to monitor all shipments from a single screen – making it extremely simple to locate any carrier from one dashboard and monitor the entire freight process from start to finish.

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