Loftware NiceLabel 10

A major release of the Loftware NiceLabel portfolio, Loftware NiceLabel 10 includes Loftware NiceLabel Cloud, Loftware NiceLabel LMS, Loftware NiceLabel Designer and Loftware NiceLabel PowerForms.

Loftware NiceLabel 10 comes with many enhanced and exciting new capabilities including:

  • New online help and on-demand training resources
  • New and enhanced integrations
  • New and updated drivers for printing and marking/coding
  • Redesigned Control Center
  • Web-based printer management
  • Enhanced security testing

NiceLabel Cloud

NiceLabel Cloud provides businesses of all sizes with an easy and comprehensive way to manage labeling, from design to print and every step in between. With NiceLabel Cloud, you will be up and running within minutes! Simply design your labels from any computer at any location to safely and securely store your labels and data in the cloud. You can easily scale printing across every department and extend these capabilities to your business partners as well. NiceLabel Cloud integrates label printing, label designer software, barcode print software and more with your product data to guarantee labeling and printing accuracy.

What’s new in Loftware NiceLabel 10?

Loftware NiceLabel software 10 comes with many exciting new capabilities and features including:

1. Redesigned Control Center

Every page of the Control Center has been redesigned from the ground up to provide you with more valuable information faster. The dashboard gives users a one-glance view of key labeling activities.

2. Web-based Printer Management

Managing printers with better efficiency using the below new web-based printer management capabilities:

  • Web-based printer driver provisioning streamlines the management of print devices by allowing you to remotely install or update printer drivers to a Loftware NiceLabel workstation from the Control Center.
  • Role-based access controls determine the permissions for various printer groups. For example, granting permissions to users in a single location to only have access and control for printers in that location.
  • Gives you the ability to set or change printer settings via the web, saving you time and reducing unplanned downtime. By eliminating the need to make changes locally, the demands on IT resources are lowered and the management of printers is much faster and easier.
3. Enhanced Cloud Printing

Partnerships with Sato and Zebra allow Loftware NiceLabel Cloud to work seamlessly with cloud-connected printers. There’s no need to install or maintain print drivers on local workstations or servers. With Loftware NiceLabel Cloud, you can print directly from your cloud-based business applications to your cloud-connected printers. The new standardized cloud printer interface introduced with Loftware NiceLabel 10 greatly enhances cloud printing capabilities.

4. Expanded Integration Options

Connectivity with other business systems is improved in Loftware NiceLabel 10 with the introduction of new cloud-based APIs that provide standards-based integration with external business systems, and a new Microsoft Dynamics 365 Connector and updated ABAP package for SAP integration.

5. New and Updated Printer Family Drivers

By adding the following, Loftware NiceLabel 10 has expanded the number of printing and marking/coding devices it supports:

  • Honeywell: support added for new printer models PX240 and PX240S and enhanced RFID functionality on DP printers.
  • Videojet: support added for 8000 series printer models.
  • Domino: support added for GX and CX printer models and enhanced AX model driver.
  • UBS, Penteq and Limitronic: new direct-marking drivers added.
  • Keyence, Linx laser models and Pannier: new recall only drivers added.

Loftware NiceLabel 10 also enhances several printer driver families that improve the speed and quality of printing with added capabilities, such as symbol printing and native fonts for specific drivers.

New Online Help and Training Courses

A completely new online help portal is available with Loftware NiceLabel 10 and is easily accessible through the application or online via the control center. This new online help portal contains user guides, resources, knowledge based articles, release notes and much more. A new on-demand training platform is also provided with many new courses including:

  • Installing Loftware NiceLabel
  • Managing Loftware NiceLabel Cloud
  • Designing a Simple Printing Application
  • Designing a Simple Label Template
  • Connecting Label Templates to Excel
  • Printing with WebPrinting

About Loftware and NiceLabel

Our look has changed, but not our commitment.

About Loftware ImgLoftware and NiceLabel are the global leader in Enterprise Labeling and Artwork Management. The Loftware NiceLabel product has redefined the way enterprises create, manage barcode label software and print complex labeling, and packaging artwork. Loftware NiceLabel is the industry’s most comprehensive end-to-end digital platform with SaaS, cloud-based, and on-premise deployments that seamlessly integrate data labeling software with existing business applications. Loftware and NiceLabel currently enable supply chain continuity for more than 5,000 customers in over 100 countries around the globe.

In early 2021, two pioneering industry leaders, Loftware and NiceLabel, came together to form one integrated unit creating the largest label printing software company in the world. Together, we have redefined who we are as a unified organization.

We are excited to announce our new company identity – an identity that reflects the spirit of our combined organization and includes our mission, our values, our strategy, and our visual brand.

This new brand identity captures and reflects the true essence of these companies – bold, modern, innovative and global while embracing the personality, humanity and diversity of our company as we continue to focus on the overall well-being and interests of our employees, our customers, and our partners.

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