What is Mobility Edge?

The Mobility Edge Platform is Honeywell’s unified mobile hardware and software architecture—a standard platform for Android-based, rugged mobile devices and applications. The Mobility Edge Platform provides consistency across all of Honeywell’s devices, making it easier for customers to upgrade current computers, deploy new software applications, and better manage device and software updates.

The key to the platform’s architecture is its revolutionary System on Module (SOM) core. This core is a single, certified module that includes CPU, memory, WWAN, WLAN, Bluetooth, near-field communication (NFC), and Zigbee. The SOM core allows the same code to be deployed across all devices and form factors without any additional development or certifications required. This allows enterprises the flexibility to deploy faster and at less cost. Additionally, the Mobility Edge Platform is compatible with four generations of the Android operating system (from N through Q), enabling users to extend the lifecycle of their hardware, deploy with less risk, and reduce the total cost of ownership.

Business Benefits

The unified architecture provided by the Mobility Edge Platform allows IT administrators to certify a mobile solution once and deploy to many. Because the solution provides a consistent mobile environment across devices and form factors, it provides a central management interface that can remove the time, cost, and labor associated with provisioning, certifying, and deploying new apps and software updates. You can also customize the user experience for employees, further improving productivity.

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Honeywell has incorporated the Mobility Edge Platform across its newest products, including innovative
new rugged handheld computers. Mobility Edge-enabled products include:

Honeywell CK65

A front view of the Honeywell CK65 with keyboard and user interface

Honeywell Dolphin CN80

Front angle of two Honeywell Dolphin CN80 mobile computers

Honeywell Dolphin CT40

Honeywell Dolphin CT60

Honeywell Thor VM1A


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