Honeywell Operational Intelligence

Actionable Asset Data

Many companies lack reliable data and information about their IT assets, as well as service and operational workflows. That makes it harder to maintain those devices, which can affect their long-term performance and productivity. As a result, these assets may cause costly disruptions and unnecessary expenses. Industry studies show that as much as 30% of devices go missing, 25% are sent unnecessary repairs, and 10% fail before a full day’s shift.

The Honeywell Operational Intelligence platform is a cloud-based software that can help provide actionable information on IT assets and workflows. This helps maximize performance for optimal productivity and profitability, while systemizing workflows and aggregating and analyzing real-time information from all devices.


Optimization Via Real-Time Analytics

Honeywell Operational Intelligence improves profitability and productivity and helps reduce costs through better utilization of IT assets and real-time visibility into device and employee performance. Using advanced analytics, the solution can help improve service, performance, and configuration management operations, as well as worker productivity.

Service Management

Operational Intelligence helps standardize, manage and optimize IT asset service to reduce wasteful unnecessary spend. The solution can help standardize IT asset data by centralizing the way companies track and service assets across the organization. Companies can also improve return and repair workflows for IT assets, track support contracts, and verify compliance with service level agreements (SLAs). With complete visibility into asset location and status, companies can also optimize their IT asset inventories and spares pools.

Performance Management

All Honeywell mobile computers, printers and scanners can be connected to the solution to provide robust analytical reporting. A dashboard view provides key utilization performance indicators, and allows companies to manage real-time alarms and notifications. More advanced analytics provide the ability to track device location to reduce loss and inventory count times, as well as analyze device drop and fall events.

Configuration Management

Honeywell Operational Intelligence also helps companies reduce time spent on individual device updates and security risks by automatically installing software updates – including operating system updates, firmware, and security patches. Devices and applications can be remotely configured for OS vendor standard support. IT departments can also remotely troubleshoot devices and test real-time configuration updates.

Worker Performance

In addition to asset performance, Honeywell Operational Intelligence can help analyze worker performance and improve workflow efficiencies. It does so by monitoring, comparing and scoring the workforce based on device usage and productivity in order to identify opportunities for continuous improvement. Companies can also generate real-time workflow metrics to help identify bottlenecks and then leverage machine learning technology to help optimize performance.


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