Honeywell Productivity and Workflow Solutions

Innovator-in-AIDCHoneywell is well recognized around the world as a leading hardware provider. While this makes up a part of who we are, we are also a leader in providing the software solutions you need to connect your assets, processes, and people in an easy-to-use way. After all, great hardware requires powerful software to make it an even more effective and beneficial business tool. Honeywell’s Productivity and Workflow Solutions allow you to optimize business performance, maximize worker productivity, and increase ROI with our broad range of software solutions. From Communication and Messaging to Business Intelligence, Device Management, Development Tools, and more our Productivity and Workflow Solutions work to increase your productivity and protect your device fleet, all under one roof.

Whether you’re a distribution center, in healthcare, retail, or transportation and logistics, Honeywell Productivity offers the technology solutions you need to achieve significant improvements in efficiency, speed, and accuracy in your operations.

Honeywell Productivity Solutions

Honeywell provides the hardware and support services you need to keep your business running. From the boardroom to the warehouse and everywhere in between, hardware devices like mobile computers, scanners, printers, and more ensure you are always getting the most uptime out of your mobile and productivity devices and provide quality support when you need it. Honeywell Productivity offers the technology hardware solutions you need to connect your people, processes, and assets easily with dependable reliability.

Honeywell Productivity Solutions

Mobile Computers

Honeywell offers a broad range of handheld mobile computers for use on site or in the field. Our small, lightweight handhelds provide industry-targeted features and functionality with a level of measured performance and rugged durability that consumer-grade devices were not designed or intended to be used for.

From simple data capture scanning to using complex, data-intensive software our handheld computers accelerate and error-proof a multitude of applications, including:

  • In-store merchandising
  • Inventory management
  • Order picking
  • Receiving and putaway
  • Parts tracking
  • Quality control and safety inspections, and more.

Our Range of Mobile Computers and Devices Below:

Tablets and Mounted Computers

Tablets and Mounted Computers

Honeywell offers a broad range of rugged, enterprise tablets to equip T&L, retail, DSD, and field service operations suitable for a wide range of workflows. Our tablet computers provide outstanding WiFi and excellent cellular connectivity with a wide variety of mounting hardware, making them the perfect solution for forklifts and other vehicles used in the logistic management of docks, yards, ports, and warehouses.

For work environments that require a true mobile office such as field service and sales and direct-to-store delivery, Honeywell’s advanced barcode scanning software provides the perfect solution. Your IT team will love the enterprise reliability, security and OS upgradeability that comes with the Honeywell tablets.

Our 10th generation ThorTM family vehicle-mounted computers reflect our substantial knowledge and strong commitment to meeting the requirements of supply chain operations of every size, regardless of the environment.

The Honeywell vehicle-mount computer portfolio includes application-expandable, flexible and powerful solutions to future-proof your operations. The rugged construction of our vehicle-mounted computers minimizes downtime and maintenance, even in the toughest conditions. Windows or Android operating systems make integration and deployment simple and easy.

Our Range of Tablets and Mounted Computers Below:



From retail to manufacturing and everything in between, Honeywell barcode scanners are purpose-built to always meet the demands of your business. Our industry-leading scanners offer outstanding plug-and-play performance. With a Honeywell barcode scanner even the most difficult to read barcodes look good.

Our wide range of barcode scanner include:

General Purpose Handheld – General purpose scanners are the ideal scanning solutions for point of sale, inventory and asset tracking, library, tool crib, back office, and access control applications. We offer a variety of wired and wireless Honeywell Bluetooth scanners that read practically any barcode, even poor quality or damaged ones.

Rugged Handheld – our industrial-grade barcode readers provide unmatched durability and reliability. Honeywell rugged handheld scanners are encased in impact-ready water and dust-proof housings, and specifically built to address common challenges in different vertical markets and environments.

Healthcare – Honeywell healthcare handheld scanners work hard to help you error-proof vital tasks such as delivering medication or meals, patient identification during admissions or prior to procedures, or during specimen collection.

Presentation – Presentation scanners for single-location workflows in high-volume environments such as retail, hospitality, or transportation.

Wearable – Wearable scanners are designed to keep mobile workers’ hands free. These scanners are easy to use, boost efficiency and productivity, and are rugged and ergonomic.

Fixed Mount – Fixed mount scanners automate the scanning process in warehouse, distribution center, and manufacturing environments minimizing the risk of missed scans and eliminating the need to have a person manually scan each item.

Our Range of Barcode Scanners below:



Barcode label, ticket, and tag printing solutions should never be complicated to deploy and should provide worry-free operation and the highest return on your investment. Our printers combine the best technology Honeywell has to offer built on top of legacy powerhouses Datamax-O’Neil and Intermec technologies. We offer an extensive range of printing solutions for any print application or environment – from light-duty to ultra-rugged models, stationary and portable printers to printer software, media, service, and parts.

Our Range of Barcode Printers below:

About Honeywell

Honeywell-imgFor more than 130 years, innovation has always been the legacy and the future of Honeywell.

Considered to be the official beginning of the company that became Honeywell, inventor Albert Butz patented the furnace regulator and alarm in 1885. After forming the Butz Thermo-Electric Regulator Company, he soon created a device he called the “damper flapper” – a predecessor to the modern thermostat. In 1898 W.R. Sweatt purchased the company that had previously acquired Butz’s business and patents. By 1916 he had changed the business name to Minneapolis Heat Regulator Company, and expanded its product line and patented the first electric motor approved by Underwriters Laboratories.

In 1906 a young engineer named Mark Honeywell formed the Honeywell Heating Specialty Co. that specialized in making water heater generators. In 1927, the two companies merged to form the Minneapolis Honeywell Regulator Company and became the largest producer of high-quality jeweled clocks. The company expanded rapidly to tackle bigger challenges including industrial controls and indicators.

In 1999, Honeywell was acquired by AlliedSignal, and together the two companies shared huge interests in chemical products, aerospace, building controls and automotive parts. Starting at the beginning of the 21st century, Honeywell continued to grow by acquiring businesses across multiple industries that continued for more than two decades.

Fast forward to June 2019 when Honeywell launched its Enterprise Performance Management Software solution, Honeywell Forge. The software leverages the power of Honeywell’s expertise in asset and process control technology across multiple industries.

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