Miles Data Industry Solutions

Meeting the Challenges of Any Enterprise, Large or Small

At Miles Data, we have more than 30 years of experience solving problems and improving performance for companies in a variety of industries. We handle all types of challenges relating to mobile devices, wireless connectivity, software integration, barcode and RFID technology, printing processes, and more.

We evaluate your entire operation and current systems to help you select the right hardware, software, or tools to best meet your needs. But our commitment doesn’t end when our products land on your doorstep. We’ll be there to help you configure, stage, and deploy new devices or software, document processes, train employees, and provide ongoing support. Put our expertise to work providing you with guaranteed solutions to improve your business.

Field Mobility

Miles Data has the expertise to find the right solutions for each field mobility application to help workers.


Miles Data has the tools and technologies to improve efficiency in all areas of healthcare administration.

Lock out/Tag out

Miles Data is your source for the necessary components to help with your operation’s safety compliance.


Miles Data can show you how to improve your manufacturing operations in a variety of ways.

Supply Chain

The supply chain is the backbone of any industry, and today’s environment places more demands on it than ever before.


The StudentFocus division of Miles Data offers student administration software products enabling staff to easily schedule, track, and reward students.

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