Field Mobility Solutions

Staying Connected and Productive Outside the Four Walls

Many industries have field mobility workers, but their needs for mobile solutions vary greatly. More over when workers are outside the four walls, there are more factors to consider when choosing the best devices, such as whether they’ll be working in direct sunlight or wet conditions, or whether the screen is large enough to accommodate needed schematics or text documents.

Miles Data has the expertise to find the right solutions for each field mobility application to help workers:

  • Receive completed work orders, pickup or delivery information in real time
  • Know instantly where everyone is and who can respond to a customer request
  • Know with certainty the inventory in each truck
  • Provide quality service that creates customer satisfaction and loyalty

Miles Data will conduct a thorough survey of your field operations to understand your objectives and then use our extensive knowledge base and years of experience to design the solution that meets your needs, whether the application involves direct store delivery (DSD), route accounting, field sales, service, fleet management, or delivery. We offer complete solutions that can include:

  • Rugged mobile computers that deliver the most advanced, high-performance voice and data communications in a portable device designed for field conditions
  • Barcode scanners such as companion scanners that can pair with tablets.
  • RFID readers, such as RFID sleds that work with mobile computers or smartphones or integrated RFID handheld computers, all provide real-time updates of inventory and route accounting
  • Rugged mobile printers that allow workers to generate work orders, invoices, receipts, labels, and other documents on the go for greater efficiency
  • Mobile device management software that enables you to install apps and deploy configurations over the air, perform troubleshooting remotely, use location services, and use lockdown functionality

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