Miles Data Healthcare Solutions

Visibility and Communications Connectivity for Optimal Patient Care

Healthcare professionals’ primary concern is providing top-quality patient care, but they also must address other responsibilities including patient safety, managing inventory and equipment, accurate specimen collection and medicine distribution, and keeping records secure yet accessible by medical personnel.

Miles Data has the tools and technologies to improve efficiency in all areas of healthcare administration, from the lab and the pharmacy to the nurses’ station and the patient’s bedside. Many products, including Zebra’s healthcare solutions,  are specially designed for use in healthcare environments. Mobile computers and barcode scanners built for healthcare, for example, are constructed with materials that can withstand harsh chemicals used for cleaning and disinfecting. Miles Data’s team with decades of experience providing healthcare solutions can  help you choose the right products for your applications.

Some of the solutions designed specifically for healthcare that Miles Data can provide include:

  • Clinical mobility devices that communicate with digital health records to serve as a single, secure data capture tool that can track and monitor every touch point along the patient’s journey in real time.
  • Printers that can create everything from patient wristbands and staff ID cards to medication labels and RFID tags for keeping track of vital equipment.
  • Special types of labels and tags for use on items such as blood bags or specimens used in cryogenic environments.
  • Barcode scanners and RFID readers for tasks such as tracking laboratory samples, managing pharmacy inventory, and accessing critical patient information via their wristbands.
  • Improve staff communication and enables easier collaboration by leveraging Push-to-Talk solutions on Zebra mobility products.