Miles Data Lockout/Tagout Solutions

A Key Safety Protocol for Many Industries

The Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) safety compliance standard impacts virtually all workplaces with energized equipment. It is also known as OSHA’s Control of Hazardous Energy Regulation (29 CFR 1910.147/269), and it is designed to keep all employees and machine operators safe from unexpected start-up during service, maintenance, or planned outages. It is critical to have the most effective lockout signage to ensure facility safety and a compliant energy control program.

Miles Data is your source for the necessary components to help with your operation’s safety compliance. LOTO tags, labels, and signs will help you communicate safety and lockout information at the point of need. Selecting the optimal printers and media to support LOTO helps ensure the success of this critical process. Use our Label and Tag Selector to browse and preview our different offerings. Not sure what you are looking for? We’ve compiled a list of some of our top selling labels and tags.

Part Number Description Core Size Tags/Roll Printer
STGD32555R200 Danger Tag 1″ 200 Desktop View Tag
STGD32555R200W Danger Tag – LINED 1″ 200 Handwritten View Tag
STGD32555R1000 Danger Tag – 1000/roll 1″ 1000 Tabletop View Tag
STGB32555R200 Danger with Black Border 1″ 200 Desktop View Tag
STGGL32555R200 Grounds Attached Tag – LINED 1″ 200 Handwritten View Tag
STGG32555R200 Grounds Attached Tag 1″ 200 Desktop View Tag
STGI32555R200 Caution Information Tag 1″ 200 Desktop View Tag
STGTL32555R200 Warning Test Tag – LINED 1″ 200 Handwritten View Tag
STGT32555R200 Warning Test Tag 1″ 200 Desktop View Tag
STGTP32555R200 Danger – Spanish 1″ 200 Desktop View Tag
STGD32555R500-3SC RED – Danger Tag 3″ 500 Tabletop View Tag
STGDW32555R500-3SC WHITE – Danger Tag 3″ 500 Tabletop View Tag
STGD32555R200-1SC RED – Danger Tag 1″ 200 Desktop View Tag
STGDW32555R200-1SC WHITE – Danger Tag 1″ 200 Desktop View Tag

Miles Data offers a wide selection of preprinted, variably imaged LOTO tags and labels. The synthetic tag we offer has excellent resistance to water, oil, and chemicals, and the strength to ensure it remains attached with typical locks or cable ties. It has premium pull strength available for operations where maximum stress on the tagout device is anticipated.

We also have thermal transfer printers and ribbons that allow you to print on demand, adding your specific information to the preprinted tag forms. You can be sure these rugged tags will maintain legibility in challenging industrial and outdoor environments. This complete solution enables robust barcode traceability, ultimately ensuring that supervision and safety staff can accurately track maintenance jobs in progress and effectively manage downtime.

Use our Label & Tag Selector to browse through and preview our different lockout/tagout offerings