Manufacturing Technology Solutions

Increase Operational Efficiency with Advancements in Manufacturing Technology

In today’s competitive business world, manufacturers need to take advantage of available technology to give themselves every edge. Regardless of the products you manufacture, Miles Data has solutions that will help you streamline your operations, gain deeper visibility into your enterprise by tracking all assets, enhance workforce collaboration, and improve safety. We’ll analyze every step of your processes, from intake of raw materials to shipment of finished goods, and use our extensive industry knowledge to help you implement the manufacturing technology upgrades that will make your business better.

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Miles Data can show you how to improve your manufacturing operations in a variety of ways:

  • Improve productivity by equipping your operators with mobile devices that allow access information that enables them to monitor performance and make quality control checks and to enter data on the spot.
  • On the plant floor, operators and technicians utilizing mobile devices are connected via wireless LAN with real-time intelligence, cutting waste and enhancing quality.
  • In warehouses, data is captured from more sources; verifying, organizing and mobilizing it, with mobile computers, printers and software.
  • And in the field, your customers’ sales, delivery and service teams use next-generation mobile computers, mobile printers and applications, so they can quickly serve their customer demands.
  • Utilize barcode scanners or RFID technology to track stock or assets and to increase the accuracy of data capture when tracking goods through the plant or the supply chain.
  • Improve safety with product labeling that meets government regulatory standards, such as GHS or UDI compliance; Miles Data can help select the right printers, label materials, and labeling software for all of your labeling applications.

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