Supply Chain Solutions

Increase Efficiency, Accuracy, and Visibility in Warehousing and Distribution

The supply chain is the backbone of any industry, and today’s business environment places more demands on it than ever before. The needs for fast and accurate order fulfillment, closer product tracking and tracing to comply with regulations, and more efficient cost and labor management have all increased. At Miles Data, we have comprehensive knowledge of the challenges and best practices in warehousing and distribution, gained from decades of experience helping hundreds of clients. We won’t just help you choose supply chain solutions; we’ll be there through testing, deployment, training, and troubleshooting throughout the life cycle of your investment.

Download our featured resource: 8 Tips for Optimizing Mobility in Your Supply Chain

Miles Data offers a variety of supply chain solutions for warehousing and distribution that can be integrated seamlessly with your existing WMS or ERP systems:

Rugged mobile computers (including handheld, wearable, and vehicle-mounted models) designed specifically to withstand rough warehouse environments better than consumer-grade devices.

Rugged barcode scanners and RFID readers that significantly increase accuracy and efficiency and are also designed for tough conditions, including cold storage.

A wireless network that provides reliable connectivity while workers’ roam, creates real-time visibility into operations and inventory, and enables applications such as voice-directed picking for superior order fulfillment.

Industrial-grade printing solutions for receipts, shipping labels and manifests, RFID tags, invoices, safety and compliance labels, and more; we carry not only printers but also a wide range of labels and supplies to meet your requirements.

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