Cold Chain Solutions

The Toughest Equipment for the Most Extreme Conditions

Supply chains that include cold storage areas face a special set of challenges. Standard mobile computers cannot function effectively in cooler or freezer environments, particularly if they move frequently between refrigerated and normal temperatures. Miles Data has cold chain solutions that resist frost and condensation that can fog over display screens and the optical ports of scanners, making them unusable. We also provide solutions for field workers requiring purpose-built devices that keep working when outdoor temperatures drop and they must move from buildings or heated vehicles to the outdoors.

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Miles Data works with industry leaders to offer a selection cold chain solutions including mobile computers, barcode scanners, and RFID readers that are specially engineered for use in extreme temperatures. Their design, components, and internal circuitry are specialized:

  • Integrated heaters fight condensation.
  • Higher IP ratings indicate strong seals to protect against environmental conditions.
  • Low-impedance lithium-ion batteries or lead acid batteries handle cold temperatures better than standard batteries.
  • Protective coating for internal circuitry adds to initial expense but can save on repair and replacement costs.
  • Large keypads and touch screens can be used even with gloved hands.
  • Wireless access points that can be installed in refrigerated environments are also available.

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