Ivanti (Powered by Wavelink) Avalanche

Mobile Device Management for All Sizes of Deployments

Highly scalable Ivanti (powered by Wavelink) Avalanche provides centralized management for all mobile devices throughout your business — smartphones, tablets, barcode scanners, printers, and more. This solution, which helps you increase productivity and your profitability, is a trusted choice for mission-critical mobile deployments. Avalanche can even handle deployments of more than 100,000 devices.

Whether your industry is manufacturing, supply chain, healthcare, or field services, workers using their personal smart devices can add to your IT department’s mobile device management burden.

If your operation uses terminal emulation (TE) and voice enablement, Ivanti Avalanche can provide you with a unified mobility strategy, all from a single vendor.

Your IT staff and administrators can use Ivanti Avalanche to take control of a device for diagnostics or updates and quickly get the user back to work. You can also schedule device updates to occur at a specified time, so they don’t interfere with the work day and can be accomplished quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, you can push particular apps only to defined work groups that require access.

Avalanche also helps you use mobility strategically in your business and integrate its use into your enterprise’s strategic plans. You have your choice of choosing Avalanche in a cloud-based or an on-premises version to best suit your business’s needs. Build your mobility strategy that yields measurable results.

Features of Ivanti (Powerd by Wavelink) Avalanche

  • You can manage all mobile devices from one console, whether company-issued or personal devices
  • Push updates to operating systems (OS) or applications
  • Flexible scheduling of device and OS update
  • Avalanche automates the build process, so you can make changes to apps swiftly and deploy
  • Reduce risk by managing users, by and segmenting and managing workgroups, providing them with only the applications they need
  • Choose an Avalanche instance that fits your enterprise, either cloud or on premise

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