SOTI MobiControl

Proven Mobility Management

As business mobility becomes increasingly complex, SOTI has emerged as an industry leader for their proven enterprise mobility management (EMM) solutions.  From deployment to retirement, SOTI MobiControl is enterprise mobility management that removes the complexity of managing multi-OS, multi-vendor, and multi-purpose mobile devices. From tracking and managing to security, SOTI MobiControl increases productivity and reduces downtime for your operation. In addition, SOTI MobiControl is one of six mobility tools that integrate into SOTI ONE, a platform connecting all of SOTI’s industry leading mobility management and support tools into a single, comprehensive interface.

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SOTI MobiControl
SOTI MobiControl

EMM Made Simple

With SOTI MobiControl, your operation receives full lifecycle device management. SOTI’s universal operation system allows for mobile devices to be deployed quickly and easily. Securely manage apps and content so that your corporate documents are private, and your workers are at their most productive with only access to the applications they need to get the job done. Additionally, utilize the polygon-based geofence feature to deploy your mobile policies, applications, and content based on precise boundaries of any shape—your distribution center campus for example—ensuring that when your devices are within your boundaries they are under your complete control.

Miles Data offers SOTI-certified SE’s to assist with deployment and training. In addition, see SOTI MobiControl in action inside Miles Data’s demonstration solutions room. Because we understand that software also has to align with the unique way you do business, Miles Data will set your operation up to pilot SOTI MobiControl on your own devices to test and evaluate how the software will work in your own environment.

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Features and Benefits of SOTI MobiControl

  • Staging and enrollment with OEM provided solutions
  • Remote configuration of devices across your business
  • Remote management and control of your devices
  • Monitor the status and health of devices
  • Advanced IoT Management
  • SOTI Hub and SOTI Surf allow for secure and configurable management
    of mobile content including important files and documents and mobile
    browser settings
  • SOTI MobiControl is a recommended Google Android Enterprise Solution

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