SOTI ONE Platform

A Single Platform for Your Mobility Needs

Mobility solutions have become more complex than ever – with so many different types of devices, operating systems, mobile apps, and accessories, it can be difficult for your IT staff to effectively manage and support your entire mobile ecosystem. Many companies have chosen to implement the leading enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution, SOTI MobiControl, to support device management.  With mobile technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) ever-increasing as a differentiator for increased productivity, SOTI has launched the SOTI ONE Platform designed for the mobile-first era. SOTI ONE brings together SOTI’s individual components into a single platform comprised of an integrated suite of mobility solutions that reduces cost, complexity, and downtime while securing and managing mobile devices and IoT endpoints. The SOTI ONE Platform brings together SOTI MobiControl with helpdesk management (SOTI Assist), basic app development (SOTI Snap), along with other tools under a single umbrella to address all of your mobile device management and support needs.


A Comprehensive Suite of Mobility Tools

The SOTI ONE Platform brings together all of SOTI’s industry leading mobility management and support tools, enabling an integrated solution
that can help you build applications faster while improving mobile device management.

SOTI assist
SOTI Assist

SOTI Assist: Decrease downtime with the first ever “purpose built” help desk solution that is optimized to fix mobile devices and application problems quickly and on the first try. SOTI Assist provides remote control functionality that makes it easy for IT staff to troubleshoot mobile device issues no matter where your mobile workers are. >> Download Brochure

SOTI mobile
SOTI Mobile Connect

SOTI MobiControl: A complete solution for mobile device management that simplifies multi-vendor, multi-form-factor, and multi-operating system deployments through a single interface. SOTI MobiControl makes it easy to see how all of your mobile devices are being used, and ensures that your mobile data remains secure. >> Download Brochure

SOTI central

SOTI Snap: This cross-platform, rapid application development platform allows companies to build mobile apps faster and cheaper, no matter what type of mobile devices are being deployed. Even with limited developer resources, you can build apps in minutes. >> Download Brochure

SOTI ONE also includes SOTI Central, an online community for partners and customers; SOTI Connect for linking IoT
endpoints; and SOTI Insight, a business intelligence tool for analyzing mobile data.

Features and Benefits of the SOTI ONE Platform

With the SOTI ONE Platform, you can address all of your mobile app development, deployment, management, support and monitoring needs through a single set of tools with an integrated interface. Benefits include:

  • Fix problems anywhere, anytime through industry-leading remote troubleshooting capabilities
  • Full multi-platform and multi-device support for heterogeneous mobile deployments
  • Deploy mobile devices quickly and easily
  • Securely manage all applications and data, regardless of device
  • Rapid application development, even for novice users

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