Preprinted Labeling Solutions

preprinted labels

Miles Data offers a range of preprinted labels that are suitable for a variety of applications and that meet the specifications of a variety of industry regulations. Whether you need sequentially numbered labels, asset or inventory tags, label kits, or any number of other preprinted labels, Miles Data has you covered. Our team of labeling experts will work with you to determine your business needs and recommend the optimal preprinted labeling solution. Leverage our knowledge to select the right label material and adhesive for your application, and then select the sizes, shapes, and colors you need.

Industrial Barcode Labels

Our preprinted, durable, non-decorative labels are produced using digital, screen, and flexographic processes, designed to withstand the toughest business environments and outdoor elements. Whether your application requires tear-resistant, fade-resistant, waterproof, washable, or a combination of these options, Miles Data can walk you through the selection process. Preprinted product labels are sometimes the best solution over print on demand product labels.  Today’s print technologies provide cost effective options depending on the application:

  • The digital press process is ideal for very high quality, short quantity run labels.  Digital presses can also variably image each label, like when serialized numbers are required.
  • Screen printing delivers precise, high quality print resulting in a durable, permanent label for your product.  This flat-bed print technology can print on films, foils, polycarbonates and papers.
  • Flexographic  press is still the probable best choice for high volume print jobs that do not require any variably imaging, such as is the case for paper product labels.
preprinted labeling solutions

Label Kit Solutions

Miles Data has expertise in optimizing label purchasing, inventory and application through label kit solutions. Label kits can reduce the number of parts you keep on hand, decrease the likelihood of an out of stock label part, improve the label application workflow and insure a higher degree of labeling accuracy

Consult with one of our labeling experts to determine if your application could benefit from label kit solutions that eliminate the need for disparate labels.

Label kit solutions for a variety of applications including:

  1. UL/cUL
  2. Durable Labels
  3. Nameplate Labels
  4. Specialty Labels

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