Zebra Printer Profile Manager Enterprise

Remote Management for Zebra Printers

Zebra’s Printer Profile Manager Enterprise solution provides remote management for all Zebra Link-OS networked printers, which is nearly all of the Zebra models on the market today (excluding older legacy printers like the Xi, 105SL, and ZM series printers). Manage your printer fleet from a single, central location anywhere around the globe. Printer Profile Manager Enterprise gives you complete control and visibility into all Link-OS printer settings and control over the entire feature set of your Zebra printer fleet. With Zebra Printer Profile Manager Enterprise, users get the most fully featured remote printer management solution available, with browser-based anywhere, anytime access that minimizes deployment and maintenance operations, while maximizing printer uptime.

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Complete Printer Management

Enterprise customers expect the same level of manageability for their printer pool as they are able to achieve with current remote mobile computer management solutions. However, existing mobile device management and enterprise mobility management tools can only provide control for a subset of Zebra Link-OS printer features. With Printer Profile Manager Enterprise, users have a complete view of their Zebra printers. IT managers can easily discover printers on the network, check printer status, and find, fix, and resolve most printer problems – all from a central interface. With greater visibility and control, companies can more easily configure and update their printers, and reduce their total cost of ownership.

Features and Benefits of Zebra Printer Profile Manager Enterprise

  • Anywhere, Anytime Printer Management: Access Printer Profile Manager Enterprise from any device with a browser.
  • Automatic Printer Discovery: Quickly discover any printer on the network from the tool, without physically locating them.
  • Quick Configuration: More than 300 settings have been categorized which allow you to quickly find the settings you want for easy configuration.
  • Built-In Security: An encrypted connection to the printers ensures your data is safe.
  • Increased Printer Uptime: Instantly see the status of any printer via the color-coded dashboard alerts, and quickly address any problems.
  • Built for Zebra Printers: Profile Manager Enterprise was designed specifically for Zebra Link-OS printers, so you can optimize your equipment with a tailor-made management solution.

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