Find the Right Barcode Scanner or Barcode Reader

Barcode Scanner and Barcode Reader Products for Inventory, Shipping, Personal Identification, and More

A Label Scanner With The Flexibility You Need

Regardless of the types of barcodes you use from traditional 1D UPC codes on most consumer goods to 2D matrix or quick response (QR) codes, Miles Data offers an array of general purpose barcode scanner products suitable for your applications. Our expert staff can help you choose a barcode scanner or barcode reader to meet your particular needs, whether you are scanning barcodes on labels, plastic wristbands or the screens of mobile devices. We can also help you find the solution that will deliver the performance you need for scanning at the speed, distances, and on the types of media you use.

Read Barcodes Faster

You want to move products faster in order to meet demand. To do so, you need a fast barcode scanner that doesn’t sacrifice accuracy for speed. Data is captured with point and shoot ease, and today’s general purpose scanners have advanced sensors that can read at close or long range and at flexible angles. Reducing the need for exact positioning means your employees can get an accurate scan faster, enabling them to scan more times per hour or per shift. General purpose barcode scanners also feature rugged construction sealed for resistance to moisture and dust and able to withstand drops to keep on working and not slow you down.

All-Around Versatility

You want to get the most out of your investment when choosing a barcode scanner. You need a scanning device that won’t wear out or break down quickly so you aren’t constantly dealing with repair and replacement or experiencing downtime. Rugged barcode scanners are designed with the highest standards of durability as well as performance. The advanced operating systems will keep working reliably in the harshest conditions, protected against dust, water and grease as well as repeated bumps or drops. Furthermore, they’re made for extensive use, all day, every day.

  • Ideal for commercial barcode scanning applications
  • Ability to read 1D and 2D barcodes printed on any surface, even if a label is damaged
  • Standard range, extended range, or high density scanning modes
  • Scanner management software for easy IT monitoring
  • Color image scanning capability
  • Wireless connectivity for greater range of operation
  • Optional stands for corded models allow both hands-free and handheld use

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