When to Choose a Fixed Mount Barcode Scanner

High-Volume Scanning in a Small Device

Hands-Free Performance Delivers Speed and Convenience

A fixed mount barcode scanner provides hands-free operation for reading 1D and 2D barcodes and direct part marks (DPM) at a stationary point. It can scan items passing on an assembly line or check identification at access control points. Fixed mount barcode scanners are durable enough for high-volume scanning in business or light industrial applications. No matter the complexity of your application, Miles Data has the expertise to help you find the right fixed mount barcode scanner to help you improve your operations. Our staff can leverage this expertise to help you find the best solution for your operation.

When Time, Money and Space are at a Premium

Saving time and money are the most common goals when optimizing business processes. Fixed mount scanners provide you with fast, high-volume scanning, and they eliminate the need for an employee to aim and scan each item. Saving space in some applications is also an important goal. Many fixed mount scanner models, which are small, lightweight, and easily attached almost anywhere you need them, provide not only the speed and accuracy to increase productivity, but also the compact design to do so in constrained environments.

The Features You Need

Among the advantages offered by fixed mount scanners are:

  • Ideal for scanning a high volume of items passing through one location
  • The ability to read barcodes displayed on computer screens or mobile devices as easily as those printed on labels
  • Aiming technology that uses LED instead of lasers, reducing potential eye injury
  • Flexible mounting options for easy installation
  • Versatility to be used in standalone mode or integrated with business systems
  • IP54 sealing for dust and water resistance and rugged enough to withstand multiple drops from 30 inches

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