Kiosk Scanner: The Next Level of Self-Service

Convenient, Unattended Scanning

Major Utility with Self-Serve Functionality

Self-service stations are becoming more popular in healthcare and transportation and for workforce management in a wide variety of industries. A kiosk scanner adds barcode reading capabilities to self-service stations. Their user-friendly touch-screen displays provide operational guidance that makes them easy to use to scan tickets, receipts, ID cards, and more. Kiosk barcode scanners are available with a their compact design that can save valuable space or allow them to be integrated into stands or signs or mounted on counters or shelves. Miles Data can help you assess the feasibility of adding kiosk scanners to your operations. With more than 30 years of experience providing barcode scanner solutions to businesses in a range of industries, Miles Data can advise you on the best barcode scanner options for your application that can help you increase productivity and efficiency.

Save Money with Self-Sufficiency

Automating tasks can benefit your business in a number of ways. Kiosks offer convenience for customers and employees, and their intuitive touch-screens and scanning mechanisms are easy to operate no training is required. They can also save labor costs by automating some day-to-day functions so employees can focus on other tasks. In addition, they can be installed to provide barcode scanning functionality in outlying areas such as at an entrance, a gate, or a vehicle terminal to eliminate the need to have an employee stationed there.

Compact Devices with Many Capabilities

We work with leading manufacturers to bring you kiosk scanners with the best range of features and benefits:

  • Ideal for barcode scanning in self-service stations
  • 1D/2D imager or 1D laser scan engine options
  • Omni-directional functioning (with imagers)
  • Barcode reads displayed electronically, such as on a smart phone screen
  • Easy to install or integrate into a free standing kiosk
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or Ethernet connectivity
  • Power options: DC, 12V or Power over Ethernet
  • Customizable to serve additional functions (adding a printer or keyboard, for example)
  • Centralized management for easy IT monitoring
  • Support for voice and push-to- talk functions

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