The Zebra MK3100: Affordable Multimedia Self-Service

Take Self-Service to a New Level with Rich and Intuitive Interactive Options

Take self-service to a new level with rich and intuitive interactive options offered by Zebra’s MK3100 micro kiosk. Your customers will have all the features needed to deliver an impressive self-service experience. The powerful MK3100 supports simple applications such as price and inventory checks as well as highly intuitive and elegantly designed multimedia applications like how-to or product informational videos and product catalogs. This allows shoppers, guests and travelers to get the information they need quickly and easily.

Leading the Pack of Kiosk Scanners

The MK3100 far outpaces the competition in power, offering the fastest processing speed in this class—nearly twice the RAM and over 30 times the Flash of the nearest competitor. The MK3100 is also the only micro kiosk that offers an optimized imager to support one of the greatest trends in current retail and other vertical markets: mobile barcodes (electronic barcodes displayed on a mobile phone).

Zebra MK3100 Product Features

  • Easy to deploy with Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n and Ethernet support
  • Capture any barcode on any surface
  • 8 inch LCD screen
  • 3 user-accessible USB ports and Bluetooth connectivity options
  • Use mobile barcodes to build stronger customer relationships

Zebra MK3100

zebra_mk3100 - Miles Data

When Is a Kiosk Scanner the Right Choice?

Kiosk scanners can help you enhance operations with self-service functionality. Touchscreen displays help guide users through steps that allow them to scan barcodes on items such as tickets, ID cards, and receipts. Kiosk scanners can be integrated into stand-alone units or integrated into signs or service counters. Adding kiosk scanners can reduce the need for labor, for example, in remote areas of your facility that require barcode scanning for access or for some routine scanning that doesn’t require a dedicated device. These barcode scanners offer convenience, efficiency, and security.

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