Ring Scanner: Wearable Scanning Functionality

Maximum Mobility, Optimal Productivity

Increase Efficiency with Freedom of Movement

A ring scanner takes data collection mobility to the next level. Ring scanners are worn on the hand or arm and are paired with wearable, handheld, or vehicle-mount computers. These compact scanners are sturdy enough for high-volume use in tough environments, from warehouse floors and loading docks to assembly lines. Even though the risk of dropping these ring scanners is greatly reduced because they are worn, not carried, they’re built to withstand bumps and the wear and tear of wearing a device as well as other challenges of industrial environments such as exposure to water, dust, or temperature extremes.

Hands-Free is Faster and Safer

Whether your workers are picking orders, handling packages, or sorting and tracking parts on the assembly line, there’s no question these tasks can be done faster and more productively with two hands. The hands-free mobility created by ring scanners can increase speed and efficiency. Using ring scanners can contribute to workplace safety as well. Workers, who don’t have to carry a scanner, can use both hands when climbing ladders or stairs, handling large items, or operating machinery which can help reduce accident risk.

More Ways to Improve Productivity

The knowledgeable staff at Miles Data can explain the features and benefits of ring scanners, including:

  • Ideal for workers that need hands-free scanning functionality
  • Ability to read 1D and 2D barcodes
  • Bluetooth wireless capability scanner works up to 30 feet from computer
  • Lightweight and ergonomic with a comfortable fit regardless of hand size
  • Adjustable for right- or left-handed use and usable with gloves
  • Durable construction materials that contribute to a lower total cost of ownership
  • Omni-directional functioning no need for exact alignment of scanner and code

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