The Honeywell 8670 Wireless Ring Scanner: Powerful Performance in a Compact, Wearable Design

Scan Barcodes Efficiently with Hands-Free Operation

The Honeywell 8670 Wireless Ring Scanner provides the same durability and high-level 1D and 2D barcode scanning performance as the GranitTM series of handheld scanners, but has the added benefit of hands-free operation. A compact Bluetooth® module is worn on the wrist, while the scanner fits on a finger, creating exceptional freedom of movement. Allowing the use of both hands increases not only productivity but also safety, as workers have more control for tasks such as climbing ladders or moving boxes.

High-Level, Flexible Scanning Capabilities

The 8670 Wireless Ring Scanner uses Honeywell’s industry-leading imaging technology to provide top-quality, omnidirectional 1D and 2D barcode scanning up to 10m (33 feet) from the host. It has fast decode speeds and excellent motion tolerance, which allows scans of moving objects. The device can even read badly printed or damaged barcodes, reducing losses of time or product. It can perform at least 6,500 scans (1 scan every 4 seconds for 7 hours) per battery charge.

Honeywell 8670 Wireless Ring Scanner Product Features

  • Pairs quickly and securely with standard PCs, laptops, and mobile devices (Apple, Android, or Windows OS) with Bluetooth wireless technology
  • Finger and wrist straps are designed to be comfortable and hygienic; they are moisture-resistant and easily cleaned or swapped
  • IP54 environmental seal rating means high resistance to dust and moisture
  • Multi-sensory feedback from vibrator, beeper, LEDs, or aimer gives workers confirmation of accurate functioning in busy, noisy industrial environments

Honeywell 8670 Wireless Ring Scanner

The Right Solution for You?

The 8670 Wireless Ring Scanner is lightweight and compact, yet tough enough to be used in the most demanding warehouse and manufacturing environments. Its powerful electronics are protected by a durable housing built to survive being dropped on concrete or bumped against metal racks or equipment. Hands-free operation saves workers valuable time since they’re not constantly picking up and putting down their devices, which translates to greater productivity.

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