Zebra RS5000 1D/2D corded Ring Scanner

New Degrees of Scanning Freedom

With the pressure on warehouse and manufacturing operations to increase efficiency at a lower cost, every second counts.The Zebra RS5000 1D/2D corded ring scanner can accelerate data collection operations. When used with the  Zebra WT6000 wearable computer which is fortified for the enterprise with Mobility DNA, the RS5000 becomes part of a total wearable solution that through a combination of Zebra’s rugged design and industry-leading ergonomics delivers comfort, durability, and higher productivity.

With this hands-free ring scanner, workers can capture virtually any barcode with a high degree of accuracy, in virtually any operating conditions. The lightweight balanced scanner leaves workers’ hands free to complete picking operations while also delivering rapid, accurate barcode capture. The scanner is highly rugged and designed to operate even in sub-zero working environments.

The RS5000 also demonstrates unparalleled scanning performance with PRZM Intelligent imaging. PRZM includes features that reduce decode times, enable faster data capture, and can ensure that even poor quality or damaged codes can be successfully scanned.

Boost Productivity by 15%

The RS5000 ring scanner enables workers to pick more orders, more accurately each day. Using the scanner with multi-modal and speech directed picking applications allows users to focus on their jobs instead of their devices.

That makes wearable scanning solutions highly cost effective. The scanners also help maximize productivity in the warehouse—in studies, use of these scanners allowed companies to increase worker productivity by 15%.

Download our Whitepaper: The Advantages of Multi-Modal Speech-Directed Solutions

Features and Benefits of the Zebra RS5000 1D/2D Corded Ring Scanner

  • Workers can capture barcodes from near contact to more than 25 in./63.5 cm
  • Only from Zebra, PRZM resets the bar for imaging by providing features that reduce decode time, enabling rapid capture of virtually any barcode in any condition
  • Omni-directional scanning allows for point-and-shoot simplicity
  • IP65 rated and can withstand multiple drops to concrete
  • Balanced for optimal comfort, and can be worn on a single finger
  • Supports sub-zero freezer operation
  • Ambidextrous operation

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