Zebra RS5100 Bluetooth Ring Scanner

Wireless Scanning at Your Fingertips

Hands-free barcode scanning can help warehouse and manufacturing operations improve efficiency. The Zebra RS5100 Bluetooth ring scanner was designed to help speed data collection activities in industrial and distribution environments. Like its corded counterpart (the Zebra RS5000), this single-finger scanner is both rugged and featherweight – at just over two ounces and two cubic inches, users will barely know they are wearing it.

The ergonomic design of the RS5100 combines a minimal footprint with maximum comfort. The modular, two-piece design separates the trigger assembly from the scanner body. Workers have the option of a single-sided trigger to accommodate gloves, or a double trigger that lets workers switch hands on the fly. Additionally, the built-in top trigger allows users to position the device on the side of a finger for near zero protrusions above the hand–ideal for picking in a tight spot. LEDs help provide the most efficient sight path. The RS5100 can be used with practically any Bluetooth-enabled computing device, and it boasts a rugged design to survive the harshest environments.

Hands-Free Operation Boosts Productivity

The RS5100 Bluetooth ring scanner provides unmatched versatility when it comes to integrating the device with your mobile warehouse/factory environment. Users can tap the screen for instant pairing via NFC with a wearable computer such as the Zebra WT6000 or rugged tablet such as the Zebra XSLATE L10.

As with all Zebra products, the RS5100 provides best-in-class scanning, along with the flexibility to choose the scan engine that best meets the needs of your application. The choice of LED or laser scan engines allows users to capture even damaged or poorly printed 1D and 2D barcodes thanks to Zebra’s PRZM Intelligent Imaging functionality.

The scanner’s intuitive design means that there is virtually no training required. This reduces the time and cost of implementation, and minimizes downtime as the scanners are deployed.

The modular design of the device also makes maintenance and repair a snap. The replaceable parts mean that a damaged device can be quickly up and running again, which further helps ensure maximum productivity.

Features and Benefits of the Zebra RS5100 Bluetooth Ring Scanner

  • Weighs just two ounces and measures two cubic inches
  • Hot-swappable batteries provide 12 hours of power
  • Choice of LED or laser scan options
  • Robust suite of accessories
  • Only from Zebra, PRZM resets the bar for imaging by providing features that reduce decode time, enabling rapid capture of virtually any barcode
  • Omni-directional scanning allows for point-and-shoot simplicity
  • IP65 rated and can withstand multiple drops to concrete
  • Balanced for optimal comfort, and can be worn on a single finger
  • Supports sub-zero freezer operation with extended battery
  • Ambidextrous operation

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