The Zebra RS507: Hands-Free Corded/Cordless 1D/2D Scanning

Increase productivity in scan intensive applications with maximum flexibility, comfort, functionality and performance

The Zebra RS507 Hands-Free Imager gives workers the superior blend of technology, form and function needed to achieve a new level of productivity in package handling and warehouse applications. Advanced ergonomics, including Bluetooth® cordless freedom, provide unparalleled user comfort and movement — regardless of hand size or hand preference. As the most rugged scanner in its class, the RS507 offers reliable performance in demanding environments — from the loading docks to the warehouse floor and assembly line.

Hands-Free Scanning Wherever You Need It

Best-in-class scanning performance includes stunning laser-like performance on both 1D and 2D barcodes and omnidirectional scanning, eliminating the need to align barcode and scanner. The RS507 pairs easily with most of Zebra’s mobile computers, extending hands-free cordless scanning to workers wherever it will improve productivity. As an optional corded or cordless device, the RS507 provides an easy and cost-effective upgrade path to 1D and 2D barcode scanning without any compromise in scanning performance.

Zebra RS507 Product Features

  • Optional corded WT4000 adaptor
  • Unique aiming power
  • Dual rear LEDs and high power beeper
  • Meets RoHS requirements
  • Multiple field replaceable components

Zebra RS507

zebra_rs507 - Miles Data

Consider a Ring Barcode Scanner

Regardless of the types of barcode workers scan to collect data, a ring barcode scanner can increase productivity among workers who need their hands free for other tasks. If carrying scanners is decreasing worker efficiency, consider ring barcode scanners, which are worn on the hand or arm. These barcode scanners, which are paired with a wearable or vehicle mount computer, enable workers to scan quickly and accurately as they perform other job functions. Ring barcode scanners can also contribute to safety — workers aren’t carrying a device and still have both hands free for driving or climbing ladders.

Let us talk to you about how the Zebra RS507 ring barcode scanner can help enhance worker productivity and safety in your operations.

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