Zebra DS9900 Series Scanner

Corded Hybrid Imager with Industry-Best Scanning Performance 

The Zebra DS9900 series scanner is the industry’s best-performing scanner, offering unparalleled data capture on virtually any barcode or RFID tag, even poorly printed, damaged, shiny, or faded tags. The DS9900 is versatile and flexible, offering more productivity and workflow efficiency to your operation.

Both a handheld scanner and a presentation scanner, the DS9900 scanner is able to toggle between modes the instant it is picked up. The ergonomic design allows for easy aim, and the extended scan range offers quick data collection without having to consistently re-position the device.

The Zebra DS9900 series scanner offers unmatched power and versatility to suit the needs of nearly any application. Durable enough to withstand drops, spills, dust, and other environmental hazards, it is an industry-leading solution for retail, hospitality, and healthcare operations.

Boost Productivity, Simplify Management

Zebra’s award-winning Industrial Design team crafted the DS9900 for maximum productivity. With rapid-fire first-pass read rates that outpace the competition, the DS9900 series scanner also provides unmatched flexibility being purpose-built for hybrid scanning. A patent-pending capacitive touch sensor and accelerometer work instantly to switch to handheld mode the moment the scanner is picked up. This, and other Zebra innovations such as the wide field of view, double-sealed optical scanning system, and white illumination LEDs, makes this scanner the best in its class.

Your operation will also benefit from Zebra’s preferred management tools that provide effortless deployment and easy application development. The Zebra DS9900 Series can be operated right out of the box, and is compatible with the Zebra DS9808 cables, allowing you to leverage your existing accessory investment. Zebra’s Scanner Software Development Kits (SDKs) for Windows, Android, and Linux make it easy to integrate scanning into your business applications.

Zebra DS9900 Series Scanner Features

  • Capable of scanning damaged, poorly-printed, glossy, and curved barcodes
  • Environmental sealing of IP52 for DS9908, IP 42 for DS9908R
  • 800 MHz microprocessor
  • Zebra’s exclusive PRZM intelligent imaging technology
  • High-resolution megapixel scanner
  • Read range of ~18 in. / ~45.7 cm
  • Optional EAS and driver’s license parsing
  • Download Zebra’s Data Capture Devices Brochure

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