Extend the Reach of Your Business with Enterprise Handhelds

A new generation of enterprise handheld computers can provide reliable mobility across your organization

Rugged handheld computers have a long history in supply chain and manufacturing applications, but a new generation of durable devices has made it possible to extend that combination of mobility and durability across the enterprise. In applications where consumer-style smartphones or tablets aren’t tough enough to withstand the rigors of an enterprise environment, these devices incorporate the graphical user interface and real-time connectivity of a consumer device into a rugged housing with enterprise-class compute power and data collection capabilities. That makes them perfect for applications ranging from field service, direct store delivery, and parcel delivery, to inspection, construction, retail inventory, and other use cases.

Familiar Interface, Built to Last

Enterprise handheld computers provide the same familiar user interface that your employees are accustomed to from their own personal devices (which can reduce training requirements), combined with the high degree of ruggedization needed to perform in challenging environments (which lowers the total cost of ownership). Companies can extend the reach of their enterprise apps to improve worker productivity, ensure high levels of accuracy and visibility, and have confidence that their employees can remain connected with a device that was built to last a full shift without recharging.

Functionality of Enterprise Handhelds

  • Fast, accurate scanning of all barcode symbologies
  • Imaging scanners can double as high-resolution cameras
  • WiFi, Bluetooth, and 4G LTE and GPS capabilities wide-area wireless support
  • High-definition touchscreens
  • Push-to-talk and voice features
  • Long battery life
  • Can be combined with mobile printers and other peripherals

Our Enterprise Handheld Computers

We offer a number of durable, feature-rich handheld computers suitable for any application.

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