Honeywell Dolphin CN80: Ultra-Rugged Handheld
Computer Built on Mobility Edge

Next-Generation, Hybrid Device Incorporating Both Traditional Keypad and Touchscreen Interface

The Honeywell Dolphin CN80 is the next-generation handheld computer hybrid that offers both a traditional keypad and touchscreen interface. Built on Honeywell’s revolutionary Mobility Edge Platform, it’s ideal for logistics, warehouse, and field mobility organizations transitioning from Windows to Android operating systems. The CN80 features fast processing power, real-time connectivity, and advanced data capture to keep workers connected and productive. With an exterior built to withstand challenging environments and an internal core that provides future-proof investment protection with support for Android N through Q, the Dolphin CN80 provides your workforce with the flexibility to maximize efficiency today and tomorrow.

Bridge the Gap from Legacy Applications to a Touch-Centric Future

The Honeywell Dolphin CN80 gives your workforce flexibility to quickly input mission-critical information whether running legacy applications that require a traditional keypad, or touch-centric apps in need of a touchscreen display. With a choice of numeric or QWERTY keypad, workers can use keyed shortcuts for rapid data entry today on a device that is positioned for the touch-centric applications of the future.

Honeywell Dolphin CN80 Product Features

  • Built on Honeywell Mobility Edge platform with support for four Android generations (N through Q)
  • 1D and 2D scanning/data capture options with the ability to read barcodes from as close as 6 inches to as far as 50 feet and optional scan handle
  • Choice of 40-key QWERTY keypad or 23-key numeric function keypad
  • Wireless connectivity via WLAN and WWAN
  • Ability to withstand multiple drops to concrete from 8 feet and 2,000 tumbles from 3.3 feet
  • Strong battery life to support long shifts, extended talk-times, and heavy GPS usage
  • Wireless charging dock that eliminates all connectors between the dock and the device enhancing durability
  • Honeywell Dolphin CN80 Spec Sheet
  • Suite of accessories adaptable to your unique workflows

Lower Your Total Cost of Ownership with Honeywell’s Mobility Edge

The Honeywell Dolphin CN80 is built on a common hardware and software platform that offers an integrated, repeatable, and scalable approach to enterprise deployment—Honeywell’s Mobility Edge. Enterprise IT can manage and maintain mobile devices faster, easier, with less time, and at less cost than ever before. With Mobility Edge, develop, test, and certify applications just once before deploying to multiple devices and form factors that share Mobility Edge’s common core.

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