Honeywell Dolphin CT40 Mobile Computer

Pocketable, Flexible, Go-Anywhere Mobile Computer

The Android-based Honeywell Dolphin CT40, built on the Mobility Edge platform, is designed to help businesses provide a seamless customer experience. The pocketable, ergonomic, full-touch mobile device was designed for highly mobile workers – in the warehouse, in the stockroom, and in the field. High performance features including a flex range imager and XP (Extra Performance) model set this enterprise, lightweight mobile computer apart from the competition.

The CT40 provides quick access to business-critical information in a variety of applications, and features two scan engine options for enhanced data capture speed and read range, even in outdoor environments. With a rugged design, the computer is easy to deploy in the field and designed to stay up-to-date over a long lifespan. From back-room inventory management and order picking, to in-store merchandising or DSD delivery, the CT40 is a single device that can handle it all.

Flex Range Scanning and Versatility

With real-time mobility, companies can improve productivity by accelerating workflows such as inventory lookup, inventory management, picking/packing, delivery, and retail operations. A new flex range scan engine allows the widest distance scanning available in a compact device. Capable of scanning from 4 inches to 30 feet, workers can enter a new level of productivity.

The ergonomic design minimizes fatigue and the potential for workplace injuries, making employees more productive. Additionally, the CT40 can be incorporated into a wearable kit, which includes arm-mount sled holder, armband, and tether for a corded ring scanner like Honeywell’s 8680i. The versatility of the CT40 doesn’t end with just a wearable solution.  It can also be utilized with a docking unit to be used in place of a PC computer for an all-in-one solution.

When it comes to productivity, it’s extra performance that separates the CT40 from the competition. The XP model features enhanced Bluetooth, ingress protection, and communications with Push-to-Talk functionality, and a warm battery swap to keep productivity at optimal levels.

Features and Benefits of the Honeywell CT40

  • Wearable kit (arm-mount seld holder, armband, and corded ring scanner tether)
  • Flex range scan enging (4inches to 30 feet)
  • High-performance octo-core chipset
  • Mobility Edge platform provides faster deployment, easier maintenance
  • Fast Wi-Fi and 4G LTE
  • Support for five Android generations (starting at 7.1/N)
  • Battery life lasting 12 hours of runtime
  • IP64-rated against moisture and dust (EX models IP65 &67)
  • Supports Push to Talk (PTT), NFC, Bluetooth
  • Easy compatibility with third-party applications such as MDM, PTT and VoIP software
  • Ergonomic and lightweight
  • Android Enterprise Recommended – rugged, built to deploy easily in the field, and built to stay up to date
  • Gorilla Glass 5, multi-touch capacitive display
  • Robust accessory ecosystem
  • Honeywell CT40 Spec Sheet

Lower Cost of Ownership

The CT40 provides a lower total cost of ownership than comparable devices as well as a maximized return on investment (ROI) because the Android OS and Honeywell’s Mobility Edge platform help extend the lifespan of the device. The Mobility Edge platform makes the CT40 both forward-compatible with future devices, accessories, and software. Future-proof your investment with protection for five Android generations and extended security updates, as well as a robust ecosystem of accessories including scan handles, vehicle docks, snap-on adapters, RFID scan handles, display docks, mobile payments and more.

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