Zebra MC3300 Mobile Computer:
The Latest in Mobile Device Architecture

Upgrade to Android with More Models, Scanning Options, and Advanced Accessories

The Zebra MC3300 is the next generation in mobility business platforms that builds on the legacy of the leading MC3000 product franchise. This rugged, keypad based, handheld computer easily helps your operation migrate from Windows to the proven Android platform while maximizing productivity and performance. Pre-licensed and pre-loaded with Ivanti (Wavelink) Terminal Emulation (TE), your current applications are supported right out of the box, allowing you to transition your team without re-training or changing their current user experience.

In addition, Zebra’s toolbox of applications, known as Zebra Mobility DNA, allows your business to add new capabilities today and in the future. Whether inside the warehouse aisles, manufacturing floor, or retail store, the Zebra MC3300 offers best-in-class scanning performance, ergonomic design, and unparalleled power. With three levels of features and affordability, build the best combination for your operation, and receive operating system support you can count on with Zebra LifeGuard for Android direct security updates.

Zebra MC3300: Maximized Productivity with Unmatched Scanning Capabilities

With the unmatched scanning performance of the Zebra MC3300, your operation can maximize productivity. With short, mid, and long range flexibility, capture barcodes as close as 3 inches and up to 70 feet away. The MC3300 is capable of reading 1D and 2D barcodes, even in damaged condition or underneath shrink-wrap. With Zebra Mobility DNA, easily add SimulScan technology, allowing your workers to scan labels that have multiple barcodes and capture all information at once, including text, checkboxes and signatures. Additionally, for applications that require the reading of RFID tags, the MC3300R model, can capture data from more than 60 feet away.

Zebra MC3300 Product Features

  • Choose from 4 form factors including brick, gun, turret, and brick/45 degree scan engine
  • 4.0 inch capacitive WVGA display screen with Corning Gorilla Glass touch panel
  • 802.11ac Wi-Fi and V4.1 Bluetooth with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
  • 1D/2D Extended Range SE4850, Standard Range 1D/2D SE4570, Standard Range 1D SE965.
  • Memory—2GB /16GB Standard ; 4GB/16GB Premium; 4GB/32GB Premium Plus
  • PTT voice support
  • IP54 rating against dust and water spray
  • Suite of accessories with backwards and forwards compatibility
  • Audio jack and NFC on Premium model, 13 MP camera on Premium Plus
  • Download Zebra’s Enterprise Mobile Computers Brochure
  • Zebra MC3300 Spec Sheet

More Power, More Memory, More Speed

The Zebra MC3300 offers unparalleled power—double to triple that of other competitive devices—to run all of the applications your workers need to get the job done. With 8 to 16 times the RAM and 32 to 125 times the Flash of other devices, in addition to the fastest wireless connections in its class, your operation will benefit from superior performance.

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