Zebra MC40: Drive Customer Service to a New Level

Business-Class Durability, Built for All-day, Every-day Use

The Zebra MC40 is a sleek smartphone-style mobile computer that offers the cool consumer look your workers want on the outside, with the enterprise-class data capture capabilities you need to improve productivity and customer service quality plus the durability, data security and centralized management you need to achieve an enterprise-class lifecycle and low total cost of ownership. The Zebra MC40 mobile computer cool consumer styling on the outside, pure industrial design on the inside.

Versatility for All Scanning Needs

With our most advanced scanning technology, your workers can capture just about any type of data imaginable, faster than ever from 1D and 2D barcodes that are printed on paper in practically any condition or displayed on a mobile phone to photos (to document condition, promotion and planogram compliance and more, as well as fully searchable and editable documents. Compatible with the Android Lollipop OS, Zebra’s Mobility Extensions (Mx) add a layer of features that turns consumer-class Android into a true enterprise-class operating system.

Zebra MC40 Product Features

  • All business, inside and out – advanced data capture capabilities, advanced device management capabilities and enterprise-class security
  • Instant push-to-talk with practically any other
    voice-enabled mobile device
  • True point-and-shoot with omni-directional scanning — no need to align barcode and MC40
  • High resolution 8 MP camera opens the door for additional functionality
  • Fortified Android Lollipop OS for enterprise class security, mobile device management and support for enterprise class functionality and accessories
  • Durability – drop it, bump it, splash liquid on it, use it around dust — no problem

Zebra MC40


Why Choose an Enterprise-Grade Handheld Computer?

Handheld computers designed for enterprise use can provide many benefits to your business. They are designed to put enterprise resource planning (ERP), warehouse management systems (WMS), and other business applications into your mobile workers hands, but they also take into consideration how your workers use them. They are ergonomically designed to minimize fatigue from their use. Manufacturers also know handheld computers will be used in harsh environments and design them to be resistant to water, dust, or temperature extremes and to keep working, even after drops to concrete.

Miles Data is proud to offer handheld computers leading manufacturers. We can explain how the Zebra MC40 handheld computer can equip your mobile workers to do their jobs most accurately and efficiently.

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