Zebra TC20/TC25: Big Business Technology for Retail, Light Warehouse, and Hospitality

Features and Affordability that Work Faster and Smarter

The Zebra TC2x series brings the efficiency of enterprise-class mobile computing for light industrial use at a price that’s right. The TC25 smartphone is a WWAN device ideal for the tradesmen, courier, DSD, and merchandising industries, where proof of delivery, voice communications, and basic tracking is needed. The TC20 mobile computer is a WLAN only device ideal for retail, hospitality and small footprint warehousing industries that need inventory management, price checking, and basic clientele applications. The Zebra TC20/TC25 offer robust durability, unparalleled scanning abilities, and unique snap-on snap-off PowerPack battery changes, providing workers uninterrupted workflows throughout their shift.

Effortless Point-and-Shoot Capture of 1D and 2D Barcodes

The Zebra TC20/TC25 features barcode capture capabilities that are fast, accurate, and efficient. With the ability to read any electronic or printed barcode in any condition, your business can slash the performance time of every day tasks like pick and putaway . With a suite of accessories, including snap-on snap-off trigger handle and RFID sled, workers can comfortably and quickly capture data from large shipments. With Zebra’s DataWedge pre-installed, barcode data is sent directly into business applications, improving productivity and efficiency without any additional code required.

Zebra TC20/TC25 Product Features

    • TC20 WLAN device supporting 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2 BLE
    • TC25 WWAN device supporting 4G, VoLTE, 802.11ac Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth 4.2 BLE
    • IP54 (TC20) and IP65 (TC25) rating against dust and water spray
    • 4.5 inch color WVGA display with LED backlight and Corning Gorilla Glass
    • Android Nougat 7.X operating system
    • 2GB RAM/16 GB Flash memory
    • SE2011 1D/2D imager or SE4710 1D/2D imager + rear camera depending on model
    • 8 MP autofocus color camera
    • Mobility DNA available on Android OS
    • Push to talk enabled with PTT Pro, PTT Express
    • 2 Year Zebra OneCare SV(Special Value) for the TC2X delivers the right level of service at the right price.
    • Device Diagnostics Tool for troubleshooting, and option to add LifeGuard for Android
    • Download Zebra’s Enterprise Mobile Computers Brochure

Walkie-Talkie Functionality Boosts Capabilities

The Zebra TC20/TC25 doubles as a walkie-talkie, right out of the box. With programmable buttons enabling your workers easy push-to-talk access, the TC20/TC25 allows for collaboration without uninterrupted workflows. The TC20/TC25 can make calls between any Zebra PTT Express-enabled compatible Android or Windows mobile device.

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