Zebra TC52 and TC57 Touch Computer

An Evolution in Enterprise Touch Computing

Zebra’s TC52 and TC57 series touch computers build on the highly successful TC51/TC56 mobile device line, providing the ultimate enterprise user experience. The devices combine the simplicity of the Android operating system with the enterprise-class features you need to maximize productivity both inside and outside the four walls of your operation.

The TC52 (for WLAN networks) and TC57 (for remote, WWAN connectivity) represent the most advanced computing platform offered by Zebra. The TC52/TC57 provide a path to adopting an improved platform, while remaining backward-compatible with TC51/TC56 installations. Like its predecessor, the TC52/57 also has a healthcare model available.

What’s more, the Zebra TC52 and TC57 provide future-proofing through support for multiple Android OS upgrades, and are pre-loaded with Android 8.1 Oreo as well as Zebra’s Mobility DNA suite of solutions to help improve productivity, increase device visibility, and enhanced power management and data collection.

Choosing between the TC52/57 and Zebra’s TC72/77 touch computers? See what separates these devices. Download our infographic.

Long Device Lifecycle with Work Station Versatility

With unmatched PowerPrecision+ battery life and support for a wide array of wireless connectivity options, the TC52/TC57 family of devices reduces costly downtime and improves efficiency across the enterprise. Although they provide a smartphone-like interface, these rugged devices are designed to survive deployments in harsh environments. Additionally, a brand new docking station makes it easier than ever to switch between workstation and on-the-go applications. Easily connect an HDMI monitor, keyboard and mouse to the TC52/TC57 device as it charges in the single-slot cradle with lock down and screw-down options. Or, pair with a mobile powered cart for even more versatility in worker mobility!

The TC52/TC57 out performs consumer devices such as a smart phone because of features and functions like its built-in barcode scanner, and ruggedized exterior which enables it to withstand multiple drops to concrete, be resistant to dirt and dust, and is waterproof.  Additionally the device offers 14 hours of battery life and has a full suite of accessories and software integrations that support efficient production needs.

The pre-installed SimulScan solution allows users to capture multiple barcodes on a single label, and multiple types of human-readable data on a single form. Users can even create dedicated soft keys to access frequently used features. Zebra also provides enhanced enterprise features that make it easier to monitor devices and batteries, control access to Google Mobile Services, update applications remotely, and securely connect to wireless networks.


Zebra TC52 and TC57 Touch Computer Features and Benefits

  • Robust ecosystem of accessories including workstation docking cradle
  • Built-in support for the next two versions of Android (P and Q)
  • End-to-end update control via LifeGuard Analytics
  • Fast capture of both 1D and 2D barcodes (including Digimarc)
  • 13MP rear-facing camera for capturing detailed photos and videos, in addition to a 5MP front-facing camera for advanced applications
  • Bluetooth 5.0 and NFC support
  • WorryFree WiFi for near instant application response times and exceptional voice quality
  • PowerPrecision Console to monitor battery performance
  • Optional Asset Visibility Service (AVS) for comprehensive device management
  • IP67/IP65 sealing
  • Download Zebra’s Enterprise Mobile Computers Brochure

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