Zebra TC70/TC75 Series: Your Front Line to a Smarter Enterprise

Rugged Design Built to Handle Life on the Floor or in the Field

The TC70/TC75 touch computer series from Zebra sits at the front line where Android meets the enterprise and where the difference between a satisfied customer and a lost opportunity is often determined. The Zebra TC70/75 Series arms staff with a powerful combination of business tools: the ease of use of a consumer device, along with the purpose-built durability, reliability, versatility, and performance that enterprises demand, bringing a new dimension of intelligence to any business.

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Top Performance in Harsh Conditions

With powerful technology and robust construction, the Zebra TC70/TC75 Series is engineered to embrace future challenges and keep customers at the cutting edge for years to come. The Zebra TC70/TC75 Series will operate reliably after multiple drops to concrete, while IP67 sealing ensures a device that is dust-tight and can survive complete immersion in water, making it ideal for use in the retail backroom, warehouse floor, outdoor shopping areas, or outside on a receiving dock. The Corning Gorilla Glass 2 touch panel and scanner exit window bring a new level of durability to two of the most vulnerable components.

Case Study: Vehicle Inventory Management Makes
Dealership More Efficient, Increases Sales Opportunities

Zebra TC70/TC75 Series Product Features

  • TC75 offers 4G LTE and GPS for capabilities outside the four walls
  • TC70 offers Wi-Fi802.11 a/b/g/n/d/h/I and Bluetooth 4.0 for maximum capabilities within the four walls
  • 4.7 inch high definition touch screen for maximum data entry flexibility
  • Workforce connect Push-to-talk express allows for walkie-talkie style communications
  • Automatically capture data and process entire documents with Simul-Scan Document Capture
  • Push-to-Talk to easily give your workers walkie-talkie style voice communications right out of the box
  • A robust accessory family to tailor the TC70/TC75 Series to your enterprise

Zebra TC70/TC75 Series

When to Consider Handheld Computers

If your business needs real-time visibility into inventory and operations, handheld computers may be the right solution. Handheld computers allow your mobile workers to enter information immediately, eliminating the time it takes to return to a stationary computer to access business applications, as well as errors that can occur when data is transcribed or when memory lapses. In addition, because your ERP, WMS, or other business applications are right at mobile workers’ fingertips, they can be more productive. Enterprise handheld computers feature rugged construction that stands up to use in harsh environments common to manufacturing, warehouse, or other industrial settings.

Miles Data provides our customers with handheld computers from leading manufacturers. Let us show you how the Zebra TC70/TC75 Series Android mobile computers can benefit your business.

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