Zebra Mobility DNA

Android has become a globally dominant OS: its flexibility, ease of use, and worldwide development community are among the reasons why it’s now used in 80 percent of consumer handheld devices.

Zebra provides tools that enhance Android’s capabilities to make it a truly enterprise-worthy OS. From security features, to options that meet the toughest conditions, to customization and simplified management, Zebra offers the world’s most extensive range of enterprise Android devices along with the tools to manage your fleet.

Among those tools are Zebra’s Mobility DNA, the industry’s most comprehensive suite of off-the-shelf applications that have robust administration utilities and effortless app development tools. It takes more than hardware to run a business and with Mobility DNA a new species of enterprise mobility is evolving.

Mobility DNA creates a platform for application management that is simple and easy to use, even in the most demanding workplace environments, all built on the user-friendly android interface with problem-free integration. Allow your operations to become a powerhouse of productivity with Zebra Mobility DNA.

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Zebra Mobility DNA Business Benefits

The benefits of Zebra Mobility DNA stretch far beyond the platform itself. Implement a complete suite of applications that improve business operations, increase productivity, provide better device management with maximum control and allow you to develop and deploy faster and more easily than ever before.

Alleviate Enterprise Mobility Pain

Zebra Mobility DNA gives you the most value in a mobility platform. Eighteen value-added tools are available to make mobility and management tasks even easier. Fourteen of these tools are free, and eleven of them come pre-loaded on most Zebra devices, ready to use right out of the box.

With the tools you need at your fingertips, Zebra’s Mobility DNA makes the world’s most popular consumer operating system an enterprise-ready force to tackle your business, productivity, management and development needs.


Business Tools

Ensure your team is connected and protect against breakdowns in communication with business tools designed to create a productive, unified, and cohesive team.

Workforce Connect:
Remove complexity from communications by combining voice and data communications into a single device.

Improves reliability and reduces driver downtime with faster transmission speeds.

Productivity Tools

Mobility DNA and the user-friendly Android experience combine to create the optimal mobility solution that makes training, adoption of new technology, and daily tasks easier to complete than ever before.

All-touch Terminal Emulation:
Convert legacy applications into a modern, all-touch interface.

Take process automation to the next level with powerful document and barcode scanning software.

Swipe Assist:
Create your own user experience by implementing a virtual data capture button on the screen of your mobile device.

Enterprise Keyboard:
Improve your productivity with a fast, alphanumeric keyboard built for the enterprise.

Transfer scanned data from barcodes, RFID tags, and magnetic stripe cards directly into any running application for easy data access.

Combat downtime with software tools designed for device power management.

Device Diagnostics:
Eliminate unnecessary repairs on devices with software that tests the major systems of your device.

Management Tools

Mobility DNA’s management tools are simple to use and give maximum control over the safety and security of mobile devices, not to mention that the integration of apps is fast, easy, and problem-free.

Any size organization can stage several, or thousands of Android devices by simply scanning a barcode or tapping an NFC tag.

Enterprise Mobility Management Tool Kit:
An EMM tool kit that allows for easy development, management, and configuration for devices with Zebra Mobility Extensions (Mx).

Enterprise Home Screen:
Create single-purpose devices to make sure workers stay on track with the way they utilize their mobile devices.

Lifeguard for Android:
Zebra’s software security solution that helps extend the lifecycle of your devices, ensuring you get the most value and overall lower cost of ownership.

Worryfree WiFi:
Without the worry of an unstable connection, take productivity beyond what was ever thought possible.

PowerPrecision Console:
Don’t let aging mobile computer batteries interfere with your productivity.

Device Tracker:
Locate any missing mobile device with ease.

Development Tools

Maximize the value of all mobile devices with Mobility DNA development tools, designed for effortless development of applications that are intuitive, and help minimize delays and errors for your enterprise.

Enterprise Mobility Development Tool Kit:
Take full advantage of all the tools your device was built to handle with Enterprise Mobility Development Tool Kit.

Enterprise Browser:
An industrial browser that allows a developer to build web applications to integrate with your mobile device and productivity needs.

Mobility Extensions (MX):
An added layer of features that are missing from mobile devices that run on a standard Android OS.


Enterprise Handhelds

Supply Chain Handhelds

Rugged Tablets

Vehicle-Mount Computers

RFID Mobile Readers

Resources for Your Industry

Warehousing:  Android devices with features such as no-tilt scanning, all-touch keyboards, and voice direction cover all warehouse tasks, from receiving and put-away to picking and shipping.

Manufacturing: Mobility DNA tools such as SimulScan and Swipe Assist enable Android devices to increase workers’ speed and accuracy, improving production times.

Transportation & Logistics: Allow field workers to access back-end system information, keep business data secure, navigate routes with GPS, communicate with co-workers, and more with devices tough enough for life on the road.

Retail: Manage stock more efficiently, protect corporate and payment information, provide a consistent customer experience, and more with the versatility of Zebra devices and Android apps.

Healthcare: Zebra for Android devices provide real-time visibility, improve patient safety, and help maintain confidentiality while being rugged enough to withstand hospital-grade disinfectants.

Let Our Expertise Help You Join the Revolution

Miles Data has been a Zebra Technologies partner since 1987, giving us thorough familiarity with Zebra products and the Android operating system. Our knowledge and experience make us especially qualified to help you navigate the complexities of workforce mobility and choose the Zebra for Android solutions that will serve you best. Contact us to assess how you can start improving your efficiency, accuracy, productivity, and profitability today.

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