Choose a Rugged Tablet to Perform in Tough Environments

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Portable Data on Readable Screens

A rugged tablet has all of the functionality of a consumer-grade tablet in a more robust package. Rugged tablets make it possible to work anywhere, with data access on-the-go. Tablets offer the advantage of a larger screen than other mobile computers. Visibility is further enhanced in rugged tablets by anti-reflective glass that makes the display readable outdoors as well as indoors. The screens also operate with touch technology in multiple modes. The increased ease of viewing and entering data on a tablet leads to higher accuracy as well as efficiency.

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Rugged Tablets
Rugged Tablets

Superior Durability Saves Money

Accidents happen. Even the most careful employees are eventually going to drop their tablets, knock them off shelves, or spill something on them. Repairing or replacing damaged tablets involves not only equipment costs but also lost time. Keep expenses down and productivity up with rugged tablets that are designed to withstand far more punishing conditions than consumer-grade devices. Choose tablets made for your toughest environments, from the bustle of the warehouse to the changing weather in the field.

Our Rugged Tablets

Tough Exteriors, Useful Tools

Miles Data offers tablets that are not just durable, but benefit- and feature-rich:

  • Ideal for mobile workers in harsh industrial environments or the unpredictable elements of the outdoors
  • Touch screens that can be operated with fingers (even gloved) or a stylus Dependable data capture 1D and 2D barcode scans, photos, documents
  • High Ingress Protection (IP) ratings mean high resistance to solid (dust) or liquid damage
  • Security options such as fingerprint scanning or Smart Card readers protect access to your data
  • Powerful processors and long-lasting batteries
  • Windows or Android OS

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