Zebra ET5X Tablet Computer Series

Flexible, Customizable Tablet Computing for the Enterprise

Zebra’s ET tablet computer series (including the ET50/ET55 and ET51/ET56) provides a flexible business tablet platform that can be customized for any job or any work environment. From retail associates to service technicians, end-users benefit from consumer styling coupled with enterprise-class features and a rugged design.

Zebra’s ET5X series tablet computers offer enterprise-class features in both standard and professional configurations to meet different business needs. The ET tablet family provides two display sizes, support for cellular, WiFi, NFC, and GPS connectivity, and integrated cameras for image capture, barcode scanning, and video calls.

Zebra ET50/ET55 Provides Optimized Enterprise Connectivity for Android Users

Zebra’s tablet computers also provide options for enterprises that have made the transition to Android, as well as those that support the Windows environment. All models include WLAN connectivity.

Zebra ET50/ET55

  • For enterprises using Android, choose Zebra’s ET50/55.
  • Zebra ET50: Available in either 8” or 10” display sizes; with Android (6.0/Marshmallow) configurations
  • Zebra ET55: WWAN connectivity, available in either 8” or 10” display sizes; with Android (6.0/Marshmallow) configurations

Zebra ET51/ET56

  • For enterprises using the Windows 10 IoT OS, choose Zebra’s ET51/56.
  • Zebra ET51: Available in either 8” or 10” display sizes; Windows 10 IoT Enterprise operating system.
  • Zebra ET56:WWAN connectivity, available in either 8” or 10” display sizes; Windows 10 OS

Tablet Configurability to Suit Any Application

With the Zebra ET5X tablet computer series, your mobile employees can get more work done and ensure first-time data capture, regardless of the application. The sleek, lightweight family of products provide a wide array of flexible options, including multiple screen sizes, scan engines, operating systems, and wireless connectivity.

The tablets are available with a comprehensive accessory family, including wall- and desk-mounted charging docks, docking station solutions that provide multiple connectivity ports, an Expansion Pack for advanced scanning and improved battery management, and multiple carrying straps and holsters.

The tablets are available with the Zebra SE4710 scan engine for light scanning, or SE4750 engine for moderate to heavy scanning, as well as the full range of Zebra Bluetooth barcode scanners. The 8MP rear-facing camera can also be used for image capture. Users can enter data via active stylus or their fingers – even if they are wearing gloves, and if the screen is wet.

By enabling users to create a tablet solution that suits each application, the Zebra ET5X series can help enterprises reduce costs and errors, while streamlining support requirements.

Zebra ET5X Tablet Computer Series Features and Benefits

  • Highlight specific features and business benefits including:
  • Touchscreen with Corning Gorilla Glass
  • IP65 sealing
  • Connected Standby for true, always-on smartphone experience
  • Multiple docking and charging options with expansive 3rd party peripheral solutions
  • Innovative expansion pack for advanced one-handed scanning, improved power management, and peripheral flexibility
  • Extended operating temperature range from -4F to 122F
  • Available with 10.1-in. or 8.4-in. displays
  • Hot swappable battery
  • Optional rugged frame doubles durability
  • Multiple holster and carrying strap options
  • 2MP front-facing camera and 8MP rear-facing camera

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