Zebra ET50/ET55: The Enterprise Tablet Built For Business

Consumer Styling On the Outside, All Business on the Inside.

The Zebra ET50/ET55 Enterprise Tablets address this gap by providing a comprehensive line of accessories that allow you to tailor data capture features, rugged specifications and power management for your workforce, while providing your IT team with all the accessories they need for easy backroom management and space. These tablets are compatible with Android 5.1 (Lollipop) and Windows 10 operating systems, allowing businesses to choose the OS that best matches their technology strategy. In addition, the ET50/ET55 Enterprise Tablets ship with Mobility Extensions (Mx), a set of features that transform the Android operating system into a more robust enterprise-class solution.

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Productivity Inside or Outside the Four Walls

Inside the four walls, the Zebra ET50’s 802.11a/b/g/n support ensures compatibility with your existing WLAN. With 4G LTE support, the Zebra ET55 gives workers anywhere in the world a robust wireless connection on the world’s fastest cellular data networks.

Zebra ET50/ET55 Product Features

  • Innovative expansion back for the ultimate in scanning, power management and peripheral flexibility
  • Docking and charging options for backroom operations and your workers
  • Rugged and ready for work, inside and outdoors
  • Connected Standby for a true always-on smartphone experience
  • First-time every time instant capture of virtually any type of data
  • Your choice of Android or Windows operating systems

Zebra ET50/ET55

Consider Rugged Tablets

If your mobile workers could benefit from a larger screen than a handheld computer screen, a rugged tablet may be the solution you need. Rugged tablets offer easy data entry via a consumer-like touch-screen interface that is easy to use and learn and that can contribute to an increase in productivity, efficiency, and accuracy. Rugged tablets continue to perform when subject to harsh conditions, such as drops, spills, and temperature extremes. They are also designed to run business applications, with enough power to keep up with your fast-paced environment.

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