Boost Efficiency With Supply Chain Handhelds

Extend your warehouse applications and worker flexibility with supply chain handhelds

In fast-paced logistics and warehouse environments, your employees need real-time access to data and the ability to complete data entry and data collection at the point of activity – paper forms and trips back to a central PC cut into productivity, costing you valuable time. Supply chain handheld computers are designed to extend your software applications to the warehouse floor, the shipping dock, the yard, and the cab of the truck. Modern handheld computers incorporate touchscreens, user-friendly interfaces, fast wireless connectivity, integrated barcode or RFID scanning, ruggedization against harsh environments, and ergonomic design to help your employees do their jobs faster and more accurately.

Handheld Computers Drive Business Benefits

Supply chain handhelds make it easier for your employees to do their jobs, and drive real cost savings and productivity improvements that impact profitability. The average warehouse employee walks several miles per shift – a supply chain handheld allows them to complete tasks on the spot, generating hours of additional productivity per shift. Combined with wireless communication and mobile printers, handhelds can produce similar savings across the supply chain, while also improving accuracy, reducing shipment errors, and providing real-time visibility to all stakeholders.

Functionality of Supply Chain Handhelds

Miles Data offers handheld computers that can improve supply chain efficiency and visibility, providing mobile access to your mission-critical applications:

  • Touchscreen support for legacy terminal emulation apps
  • Ergonomic designs that reduce workplace injuries
  • Support for both Android and Windows operating systems
  • WiFi, Bluetooth, BLE and wide-area wireless communication
  • Ruggedized against exposure to moisture, dust, and chemicals
  • Rapid, accurate scanning of all barcode symbologies with long range scanner options available

Our Supply Chain Handhelds

We offer a number of durable, feature-rich handheld computers suitable for any application.

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