Choose the Right Vehicle-Mount Computer
To Deliver Data to Your Drivers

Flexibility for Dynamic Supply Chain Environments

Computing Power in the Drivers Seat

Supply chains need to keep things moving. A vehicle-mount computer increases productivity because it gives a worker instant access to real-time data. Vehicle-mount computers utilize a large display for improved visibility and safety so they can improve task accuracy. For workers in warehouse, distribution, or transportation sectors, vehicle-mount computers are a good choice. Operators of material handling vehicles can perform inventory transactions such put-away, moves, picking and shipping more efficiently. Vehicle-mount computers feature rugged construction to stand up to harsh supply chain environments such as cold storage environments, wind, rain, or sun. In addition to high IP ratings for resistance to dust and liquids, they are also resistant to extreme temperatures and to the shocks and vibrations of a moving vehicle.

vehicle mount computers
Vehicle mount computers

Reduce Operator Downtime with the Right Vehicle-Mounted Computer

Downtime at any point in the supply chain is a problem. Operators need to keep product moving to meet demand. Vehicle-mount computers are designed to reduce or eliminate lag time in data entry and to keep workers connected throughout your operation. While they are built for durability, sometimes screens and keyboards break. Many of today’s computers offer field-replaceable front panels so components can be quickly swapped out instead of sending the the whole device in for repair. Flexible docking stations making swapping the computer to another forklift effortless.

Our Vehicle Mount Computers

A Wide Range of Vehicle-Mount Computer Features

Miles Data has top-of-the-line choices in vehicle-mount computers. Features and benefits offer great flexibility:

  • Ideal for vehicle operators who need real-time access to ERP and WMS applications
  • Easy installation with a compact design and multiple mounting options
  • High bright screens designed for the outdoors
  • Speakers that can be heard in noisy environments Smart Docks or quick-release mounts that make it easy to move between vehicles
  • Multiple ports for various input devices such as barcode scanners, optional keyboards, or push-to-talk microphones
  • Fast, reliable wireless connectivity
honeywell_thor-vm-series from Miles Data

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